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Just curious are you not a big fan of pounce or something?  I see a lot of ground and pounds but if you notice there is a 'square' icon that appears several times but instead of using it you ran away?

Sometimes Pounce isn't worth all the fuse.  Ground Pound is a cheap chupacabra way to do damage to a person but if you miss.  Your fucked unless they keep running or suck at swinging.  The Square button is tackle if I am not mistaken.  I get the two backwards.  However Tackle is good but not the best because they can dodge it.  Then you can get screwed over depending what you hit or where you hit.  If you run in to a wall real close.  They can beat you to death quick.  Also depending on their weapon to.  


I personally am a cheap chupacabra with the ground pound.  If I am the zombie I am playing defense and I am waiting and pouncing when need be or getting them injured.  My main goal is to get semi close and get them covered in spit.  However even with the purple spit which stops UV it only effects the light or a flare thats already on the ground.  If you get hit.  Just drop another torch and you cannot get pounced if quick enough.


I did a match where I spent 30 minutes against a hunter.  I won but took chupacabra ages.  I also played matches where I am the hunter against 4 people and killed them under 5 minutes.  My fastest is 3:21 and none of them were friends.  Just random people.  I need to upload that video to my youtube tho xD

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Just curious are you not a big fan of pounce or something? I see a lot of ground and pounds but if you notice there is a 'square' icon that appears several times but instead of using it you ran away?

Yeah because pouncing in front of them when they're looking at you is stupid. It only takes a little UV shine to interrupt your pounce and it can be done at the last second. If you notice I generally only pounce when I am behind/above them, when they're in mid air, or when they're climbing. Other than that ground pound should be the go to move up close because it has more range than the survivors melee and keeps them from going anywhere near you. Plus it can be combined with the spits to guarantee you get either a UV cancel or horde summon.


the zombie is underpowered against good players, 2 for example

Hey quick tip man: if you're charging a spit or ground pound and suddenly find out that it's a bad idea you can cancel it with crouch. This is especially useful with ground pound since you don't have to leave yourself open.


You can check out some more strategies and tips here:

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the zombie is underpowered against good players, 2 for example

You missed like 6 pounce chances overall. Seemed to be going a bit too aggressive for the situation as well (i play more defensively/cautious when they are good) but thats just my opinion of course. Also there were a few good tackles (ones near bridge were great :) ) but a bit too many considering the risk against good players. A few matches against skilled people isnt immediately evidence that something is underpowered. If you want to make things a bit easier however go check out the strategies page, I've detailed how the spit glitch works there, at least until they decide to patch it.

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@jcks @FierySlayer117


I know i know :( was a bad match...i was mad because of the uv light, drain my energy like nothing, anyway, Jcks thanks for the tips :D a better gameplay, against two players but less skilled


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Here is everything wrong with BtZ in a few videos:



(00:00 - 17:00) Match Making. Yup that's right folks. Almost 18 minutes of waiting for a match to start where the player doesn't immediately abort. That's half the video.


(18:20 - 18:25) Running in the air? This has messed me up quite a few times when I wasn't expecting it.


(18:44 - 18:48) Survivor UV in mid air. Why, after planning that ground pound and immediately pouncing, do I not get the kill? I pounced immediately next to him and he still had enough time to flash his UV and stop me.


Next Match:


(28:27 -29:15)


1.) Spit cooldown needs to be reduced for two or more players. I landed a perfect UV spit but couldn't capitalize on the kill because of a second player. I only started off with one spit each so there was no way I could have gotten the other one unless I hit them both at the same time which is virturally impossilbe if they're competent players.


2.) notice how much effort I put into killing just one person. I had him against the ropes and nearly dead but because his buddy was there I wasn't able to finish him.




(30:19) Camoflauge isn't the least bit fair in this mode. They can know where I am at all times but I can't track them when they're camoflauged? What kind of hunter am I?


(31:04) All that work and he just healed it all away in 2 seconds. Meanwhile his buddy over there is going to work on my nest.


(32:20) By the time I see him get to my nest it's already too late thanks to OHK. It takes me much longer to kill one survivor than it does for them to one shot my nests.


(33:34 - 33:45) I just got the notification that my nest was under attack and it's already 2/3rds of the way destroyed. By ONE person.


(35:13 - 36:14) After a lengthy exchange with one and then both of them I was left without any abilities. Normally this would be the time to run away but with them being so close to the nest by the time I did get any abilities back they would have one shotted my nest and been half way to the next one. Not to mention they would have used the zombie spawn for camoflauge so I couldn't track them. Night Hunter abilities need a huge reduction in cooldown vs more than one player, either that or OHKs should not be allowed. I was basically forced into a situation where there was nothing I could do.




(1:37) OHK on the zombie is NOT cool. Also notice how much health he lost from that ground pound. He doesn't even need to use a medkit for that. I know the zombie is supposed to be weak up close but this is ridiculous.


(2:00) Ridiculous spawn time AND you spawn far away from the nest. This wouldn't be such a problem if the survivor couldn't OHK the nest.


(2:19) Survivors can dodge tackle very easily but night hunter can't dodge drop kicks? Cool.


(2:22 - 2:26) Spit AOE and exploding time. So you're telling me that didn't hit him? He had time to run away from the spit even after backing himself into a corner.


(2:28) Tackle is evaded far to easily. He had maybe one second at most to react to that tackle and he still dodged it. Also note that this was right after he dodged backwards in an attempt to get away from my UV spit.


(2:30) I am now in a situation where all my abilities have been used and I'm low on health. Even if I did run away the amount of time it would have taken to get my spits and UV block back would have been more than enough for him to destroy my nest and be halfway to the next one.


(2:50 - 3:05) It took him less than 15 seconds to destroy my nest. Not overpowered at all amirite?


(3:27) The UV light was on me for less than 2 seconds and I lost 40% of my energy.


(3:31) The perfect pounce opportunity. Too bad I'm only 10% or so away from actually being able to pounce.


(3:44) Oh I didn't know this mode had zombies other than me. But it's all the way up on the roof where it will never be useful, go figure. And why is it taking me so long to kill it.


(4:35 - 5:12) There were 2 nests on the ground and he still managed to destroy them with four zombies chasing him. The horde is useless.


(6:28 - 6:40) HOW IS HE NOT DEAD YET?!


(6:55) Does fall damage even exist?




(2:19 - 2:57) Ground pound and tackle don't do enough damage. Also survivors heal way too quickly. He shouldn't have time to heal if I'm right in front of him.


(9:35, 14:50 - 14:56) Survivor sense is dumb.


Next match:


(22:03 - 22:20, 24:56 - 26:00) There is no penalty for firing a gun. NONE.




> less than one second to react upon landing from a jump

> still dodges tackle


(26:07) He's still alive....?


(26:52) Survivor sense is seriously dumb.


(28:47) Where was he when my nest was getting destroyed? Oh yeah up here being useless.


(29:34) What was that?! He blew my nest away!


(33:38 - 33:44) Spit AOE needs a HUGE upgrade if that didn't hit him.


(33:12 - 33:20) UV light recharged faster than my energy. NERF THE UV LIGHT.


(34:42 - 34:50) He wasn't even swinging at me! Oh and he survived that fall of course. Also since he can just OHK my nest it was over before I even had a chance to respawn.

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Respawn time does suck for the night hunter as does the placement, 80% of the time it's as far as possible from the nests. I've also had some ridiculous pounce counters from the UV light, like one guy who countered it while facing the opposite direction. Nests should get a significant health bump, based on how many people you're going up against perhaps, but increased health regardless. If the hunter got a version of camo to use i think that would help with survivor sense spamming as well. Personally I like the challenge but I'm not blind to the issues if I come across as such hehe. Also it would be nice to have all other zombies in play but in decreased numbers depending how many people there are (less with less players, more with more players) hell maybe even just keep them what they are usually to give them more challenge.

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Scale Up Hunter Health to Survivor Weapon Damage, To Add Competition.


Limit or Remove Survivor Sense. Hunter Roar, Footsteps and Breathing exposes Hunter location already.


More Nests, Make it 10. 5 is to low.


More Players in the Match = More Nest Health, and More AI protection around the Nest.


The more Players in a Match = The Less UV Light each Player has and also takes longer to charge when depleted. Would force more Team Work.


Firing Gun at Hunter = Automatic Swarm of Virals to Area.


Spits not hitting a Player, still causes Swarm of Virals to Area.


Killing a Survivor shortens Power Cooldowns.


Ground Pound Extingueshes Flares caught in AOE.


A Timer or some other sense of Urgency needs to be added. I hope This Mode becomes a real Fight for Survival.

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Recently the most annoying game feature is ability to revive a team mate. How many times I have worked my balls off to get 3 survivors down and then watch like last one revives another one in a couple of seconds. And all team up again and I have no spits, no uv block, no kills. Make revive take longer and count 1 downed and then revived human as a half of a kill.

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Hey guys, I have a Hunter level 35. On my Survivor I have the best weapons the game that I know of (katana damage 2606). I have not duped or exploited in any way. I just went into no life mode when this game came out. I think im an above average hunter at the least. I win most of my games as the hunter, but only because either


A- I'm playing against one person. The majority of my games are against one person. This game mode seems to be more tuned to be only a 1v1. Feels a lot more balanced.


B- I'm playing against two or more people that haven't recognized all of the mechanics in this game mode... and I get lucky. 


Me against 4 survivors. These guys weren't very good. Never used a flare. They were using guns even at close range. Weren't at all coordinated. But they still gave me a hard time simply because there were so many flashlights everywhere. I only won because of a clutch kill spree that I capitalized on. (Wife is in the background playing with our dog, sorry)


There are a lot of people that are new to the game and don't fully understand how to fight a hunter yet. That's the only reason I do so well.


All of that being said, the hunter is at a severe disadvantage. I have literally never lost a game as a survivor. Not even once. The Survivor sense is just dumb. I think we can all agree on that. Its not really that hard to spot the hunter even without the sense. Just listen for him. He stomps around like a dinosaur. Think about it guys. It SHOULD be near impossible for one guy to take on a monster. You should HAVE to have a team to take him out. Isn't being a survivor supposed to be about teamwork? This game mode should be more balanced for the 4v1 one and less for the 1v1. If your playing by yourself then you should either turn invade off or have a VERY tough fight on your hands. Even just two semi competent players can easily win vs the hunter.


If your playing against 4 decent survivors your only real tool is the Arial ground and pound. Its the only hunter ability that cant be easily avoided or expected. But even with that, you better hit all four of them because if you even miss one he can kill you before you even get out of the animation of the GnP.


I have yet to see anyone who is claiming the hunter isn't UP to post a video showing us your techniques or leet hunter skills vs competent players. Just saying.


Suggested Fixes


Take out survivor sense. Hunter can be easily tracked without it. It would promote teamwork. Cause more use of hiding inside buildings and the use of camo.


Take out safe zones. They serve no purpose in this game mode. Why are they even a thing? They only give hunters yet another unneeded disadvantage for no reason.


Scale survivor abilities/damage with the amount of survivors that are playing.


Do something about not being able to target players in water. You literally have to leave the game if a survivor wants to be a jerk and afk in water.


Horde Zombies should be able to climb. Maybe have a slower run speed to compensate. As a hunter if I stick a player with a horde spit I feel like I deserve that kill. Its already difficult to land. Why give them such an easy out for getting stuck?


I play on the Xbox 1 so im not sure if these issues exist on any other platform, but they do on it. I know this is just a minigame, but it still should be somewhat balanced.

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Yes we all feel the same way. The game is definitely balanced around 1v1s because the survivor literally has a counter to everything the Night Hunter does.


Horde coming after you? Climb up high or just outrun them.


UV canceling spit? Throw down some flares and sit in a corner til it recharges (which doesn't take long btw)


Hunter about to tackle you? Spam jump to dodge and then immediately hold the attack button to rain death from above, instantly killing the Night Hunter for trying to do something.


Got hit by a ground pound? No worries you recover in mid air and stop all follow up attacks. In my video on the previous page I knocked a guy off the building with ground pound where he would have died but he recovered mid air and used a medkit, negating the fall damage. That should not be.


Got grabbed with a pounce? Hold your UV light button and you will interrupt the hunter if he is on the same eye level as you because the animation forces you to look directly at him at the last second.


Night Hunter spamming the ground pound and waiting for you to get near him? Pull out you firearm and go crazy. There's no penalty for shooting a gun in this mode so there's aboslutely nothing the Hunter can do about it.


There is nothing the Hunter can do that a Suvivor can't counter. The Suvivors are the true hunters here, not the other way around.

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I do agree with everything said.


1v1s are near impossible against an end-game/experienced player. I may also say that the survivors, can Death From Above, Drop Kick, and Ground Slam the NH. The only difference between a NH doing it, and a survivor? The NH can't counter any of these. For all of the counters available to the survivors, it'd only be fair to allow the NH counters to survivor abilities. If the Nh counter a survivors ability, I say it should leave them vulnerable for Pounce, as a countered Pounce, and evaded Tackle.


Countless times I've charged a Ground Slam, and the survivor jumps off a car, and boom, free kill. This could be easily countered by allowing the NH to release the Ground Slam, knocking him into the air. The problem with Be the Zombie's current state, if you are to Ground Slam, and Pounce the survivor whilst in mid-air, the survivor can UV you. This can render even the most complicated strategies useless.


I have more times than not, I've been killed out of an evaded Tackle animation via Death From Above. This is shady as hell, and needs to be removed. Also, the time given to evade a Tackle, and the difficulty of evading one, are insanely easy, and handed out. If the survivor is looking at a NH attempting to Tackle, 9/10 times the evasion will happen. Same thing with Pounce and Tackle. If you Tackle a survivor, and Pounce them in mid-air, you deserve the kill, but UV Light says "Hell to the no." Again, I would like to see the ability to counter a Pounce mid-air removed.


What I find myself doing in a 1v1 to kill an end-game/experienced player is as follows:

1. Wait for 2 UV cancel spits to charge

2. Use Horde Spit and stick them (because not sticking an experienced player will allow most to dodge away) to make the survivor panic

3. Use UV Block and jump directly overhead

4. Whilst overhead, use Spit Slam w/ UV Canelling spit

5. If Spit Slam is landed, proceed to Pounce whilst the survivor is in mid-air


This is an insanely large amount of work to kill one person. This is now my goto strategy for 1v1 now. It works most times. The downside are the recharge rates. To get 2 spits, 1 UV Block, and 1-2 Horde spits back, is insanely long. Rendering this basically a 'last ditch effort' for a kill.


If that doesn't work, I take to the rooftops (knowing experienced players tend to hunt the Night Hunter) and wait for them to grapple up. When they grapple up, I simply ground slam them off, typically killing them, or severly damaging them allowing for a Tackle/Punch kill. Again, this comes with  risk > reward. Sometimes if the survivor plays smart, they fake a grapple, and fall, making me ground slam, then they proceed to grapple up, and drop kick me off the roof (as the NH can't counter the Drop Kick) to where they can Death from Above me off of the roof.


I really think Techland needs to take to balancing this ASAP. The community has great balancing ideas, and could be of great use if implamented correctly.

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Who is saying hunters get one shotted? Try not to get slammed into spikes... Only way you get one shotted on a hunter(after the recent patch)... Normal swings is 3 hit kill no matter what damage, i have done this at level 15 and level 25. Go ahead, try it. I 3 shot a hunter with speed hits with a 900 damage sword, and my 2500 katana(katana is 1handed btw). Now nests, that is a different story. You can do it in 2 hits, if you do a power swing then a fast swing, before the patch 2handed power swings were one shots, not any more. get your facts straight man if anything hunter is OP 1on1....Not to mention you can literally chain stun a survivor 1 on 1 with ground pounds(you can move while charging ground pound, it has at least 3x the range of a survivors weapon, simply back up a little, and WAM survivor doesnt have the option to escape, you do!), and again use your skills properly, you have knock backs and tackles for a reason, time your spit right, tackle them into it, GG. and when you UV them, do a boomer hoard at the same even if they are fast enough to drop flares, they get a nice zombie hoard of boomers in their face....really its a l2p issue....Now i agree they should get reduced cooldowns with 3 or 4 players, but thats a different matter isnt it'

Also, the dude saying 'right back on me 1 second after a ground pound' is either lieing, lagging, or playing against somone using a night hunter booster, and considering you have to win a whole game to make only two(2) of them and youre lucky to get 1 set of nests before it wares off....yea.


edit: and about the troll water hiding, dont play on old town, until it is patched, if this happens on slums its obviously a troll, leave.

Also, are you serious about the counters? you can literally fly around the map, 5 times faster than the survivor....and you want counters?(sure, give survivors super speed then) the whole gameplay of the hunter is to do sneak attacks and be evasive, hit n run

Played right the hunter can literally fly around the survivors uv light range and right for the proper time to strike....wonder if they have even played the survivor against a good hunter, you literally feel like you are being hunted if they play properly, obviously if the dudes sitting there looking at you, you don't go in for a pounce...its really all about the hunters skill in using tendril locomotion, that is by far the most important aspect of playing the hunter properly imo



 post vids dominating games, and asking for buffs...There is a reason nobody streams be the zombie, cause it is so rediculously powerful is devs saw it, it would get nerfed asap. (1on1)


The reason survivors have counters is because they are 5 times slower and cannot fly like the Night Hunter, that is called balance.

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The Game needs a lot of changes.


More Players = Less UV light and longer recharge cycles. Thus Encouraging Team Work.


Firing Gun or Using Explosives, Causes Viral Swarm to Area.


Out of Bound Players who Jump in Deep Water.


Introduce a Timer to add Urgency to the Game.

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Have you watched none of the videos posted on this thread? Hunters get one shot all the time. The fact that you haven't exp this means you haven't played against good enough survivors. Its not about how much damage your weapon has on it. Its the type of weapon. Please do your research. Your giving me cancer.


There is water on every map. Why are you even here...

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