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Warner Bross Respond To Youtube Monetization Of Dying Light

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Hi Guys.

I sent email to Warner Bross two weeks ago asking about youtube monetization and uploading content to youtube for Dying Light. I was asking for some clarification to avoid any problems in future, as we know many people

got Content ID strikes or even DMCA notices back in in October/November on their another big release : Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor This is their respond by email : 



Thank you for your email.  We are very pleased to learn you are a fan of our products!  Warner Bros. has no objection to your recording and posting a short video on YouTube (no more than 5 minutes long), so long as the videos are streamed

on YouTube for free for the enjoyment of other fans.  You must not monetize or commercialize the properties in any way.  You may not, however, use the music associated with the posting.

Thank you very much for checking in with us and for being fans!

Warner Bros. Customer Service


So i see conflicting reports as Developers here on forum said we can monetize and upload Dying light on Youtube  but on the other side Warner Bross is giving us limits for 5 min of Footage and no monetization

I was asking about it in next email and they confirmed 5 min of footage is their internal policy. I have small youtube channel(1k subscribers) so this question is addressed for small/medium youtubers as big channels

are in partnership with WB. 95% of people are uploading videos of Dying Light longer than 5 min so are they at risk?

Thank you very much for clarification



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WB will get burned pretty hard if they try to enforce it, since it's the Let's Players that are becoming the major marketing front for games lately. If word gets around that WB is chasing channels down over the "policy", the bad press would just be icing on the cake of all the free advertising they won't get in the future.  The only thing worse than a policy-breaking 15 minutes is a YouTube full of five minute clips of why the game sucks. Internet spite is a powerful thing.


Almost nobody includes music nowadays anyway, since the Mysterious Third Party Music Pirate Nathzis pretty much have YT's balls in a vice and flag everything with two notes strung together with a copyright infringement claim, so that part is more or less a no-brainer.

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