Dying Light Gamma/washed out Black Levels fix for Consoles !

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Hello i just recently found out how you can improve the visuals of the game if you are on Console. I have tested this on Ps4 so far but i will test out if it also affects Xbox soon.

So basically i have noticed that the game looks a little bit washed out on my TV compared to other games and today i accidentally found the fix for this !This is probably a bug in the game, basically what happens when you play Dying Light on PS4 with an HDR capable Television is that the TV will think that it has to Display an HDR Image, even when you disabled HDR in the Menue of the PS4 ! To fix this you need to go to your TV's settings and select Black levels and turn it from "Automatic" to "Normal" (The name of these settings can be different depending on the manufacturer/brand of the TV). When playing this game the TV somehow automatically selects "Boost" mode meant only for HDR Games. As far as i know Dying Light doesn't even support HDR at all so you should always use "Normal" Mode on a TV that is HDR capable. On my old Full HD TV that is non HDR capable this issue doesn't happen, but i have read a post from someone on this Forum that had the same issue but on his OLED (Where it was even more noticable especially during the Night). It did help me a lot and i am using a regular 4k LED TV from Hisense. I would suggest to try this out for yourself and see if it improves the visuals on your TV.I might even post a YouTube video about this.


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