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Having options to mix up your outfits with what you already have like upper body, lower body, gloves, feet and head (masks or characters such as the Harran fighters) would be amazing, and it would also motivate people to buy the new DLC bundles to get access to more customizing options and clothing pieces, that would make the game even more unique.

Some pieces may not be compatible with others, but it would be cool to try. Imagine this: Dallan's head, headhunter glove, fresh clothes upper body, ultimate survivor lower body and feet. (Pieces like ultimate survivor's lower body would only accept the feet of other outfits in the same model, such as "Hunted" or "Harran Ranger" or you guys could create some adapted models to fit in more stuff)

That would open a world of possibilities and attract a lot of fashionist players like me to the game

This is still to be further discussed and analysed, and is not impossible nor way too hard to be implemented. The menus to create customization slots are already there.

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Your post is in the wrong section. „Developer Tools“ is about the tool to make your own game with the developer tools available on steam. 
But I believe it is very unlikely that your idea will be implemented in the current 5 year old game. But since your idea was mentioned many many times before there is a chance that there will be outfit customization in Dying Light 2.

Still there is a very small chance that they add it in the upcoming dlc Hellraid.

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