Hi I'm in urgent need of help

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So I havent played dying light for a few months or so and recently I gifted it to my friend on xbox and we began playing it together, and so from there we had been playing for a while and eventually there came a point where I got kicked from an online game, some randoms, and this guy may or may not have gave me duplicated materials but anyhow I took them and then i got kicked and my game crashed shortly after, now after this every time I load into my game I cant get past the little loading message in the bottom right of my screen right after the dying light harran virus opening cinematic, I would be very very appreciative if someone out there could help me out?, this has always been of my favorite games and now I can no longer play it, I've tried these methods:

Restarting xbox, going offline, starting through games and apps, and reinstalling it, none of these seemed to have worked

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I spelled a word wrong lol

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