Advanced Combat Shotgun

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ok i got a question im hearing players claim they found the Advanced Combat Shotgun in The Following on Ps4 is this accurate found or purchased or is it  strictly a weapon docket if so then i have no way of finding it im level 233 legend on ps4 and want it and in a world of survival one can never have to many guns can we please get these guns in an update 

  • Revolver gen A, Model 15

Revolver gen A from a pre release screenshot

  • Revolver gen A version 2, Model 15 with vented barrel
  • Revolver gen B, Taurus Raging Bull
  • Revolver gen B Version 2, Taurus Raging Bull with vented barrel
  • Mounted SMG, (can be added back with a mod), M60/M249
  • Mounted SMG 2, M60/PKM

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