Night Hunter balance is terrible.

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Be The Zombie is probably the worst PVP I've experienced in several years. Why even bother playing as the Night Hunter when the humans are way overtuned and - let's be honest here - absolutely broken.

Humans can hop backwards faster than the Night Hunter can sprint? Really?

Humans can go from standing still to doing a dropkick in 2 frames, meanwhile you have to be running for at least a half a second in order for tackle prompt to appear. Dumb.

Night Hunters can't dodge any of the cinematic attacks the humans have. Humans can dodge all of your moves. Balanced.

Tackle can be dodged easily by simply spamming side or backwards hop repeatedly with zero worries about concepts such as proper timing. Hilarious.

Spitting while sprinting causes you to cease your movement, so if you thought you could fight back against effortless dodge spam by locking them in a dodge animation using your Tackle, that can't be done.

The most useful spit (and the only one that actually hurts cowardly human players who camp on street posts/lights) is locked behind Mutation 2 and 3. Bravo.

Humans have modded weapons and items that they can bring with them into a chupacabra PVP match. Unlimited UV lights? Grappling Hooks with less cooldown and can deal damage? 1-handed weapons that can 2-3 shot the Night Hunter? And this is on CONSOLE, too. Pathetic.

Please, don't even bother implementing a zombie mode in the sequel if this is the sort of "balance" you settle for.


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