Help! Viral Spawns Broken

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I just recently bought Dyinglight for the 3rd time, this time on PC. 

I've played and enjoyed the game twice on Xbox, and I wanted to try it on PC.

I can't seem to start a campaign without hordes and hordes of virals spawning in. Its thoroughly ruining my experience and I was hoping someone might have a way to limit or change the spawn rate?

I remember they only came after me when I made noise or walked near some but it seems to spawn hordes of 25 every time I finish killing a horde, or I leave bases.

Id like to take in the environment and enjoy exploring the location of the game, but I can't stop moving or ill be overrun by virals. 

It just makes the game feel like such a chore especially when starting at level 1 with nothing. 

thanks for any help!

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