Dying Light ruined, what about Dying Light 2?

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I played Dying Light up until now. I got a timed mission. Place bombs to blow up volatiles. You have 2.5 minutes.

You know how fun that is?

It's NOT fun. Not the slighest. 


I like to take my time, so sue me. Timed missions ruins everything.

I can't do them. They stress me out. And I fail and I have to repeat, repeat, repeat! I GODDAMN chupacabra HATE THEM!

I quit the game and I'm not coming back. I don't do timed missions, I am not some kind of chupacabra that you can slap around and piss in my face.

So Dying Light is ruined. What about Dying Light 2, is that going to have timed missions as well or can I buy that game?

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