Question about enemy HP/tankiness manipulation and custom save points.

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Hello! Anyone know how to increase the HP/tankiness/difficulty of a spawned enemy? the the Ai Level category in Fields tab of attributes of an enemy doesn't seem to alter anything when additionalDiffLevel, minlvl or maxlvl fields are changed? also changed the 'shooting difficulty' and 'closedmgdifficulty" to very hard but didnt seem to make zombies or goons much tankier? Or is that their output dmg with shooting and melee? any info on these things would be much appreciated!


also is there a way yet to make a save point for custom maps so that when you launch it again from within steam once published it loads from a certain checkpoint or loads up to the end of the latest quest completion in previous playthrough session? needed for bigger campaign making/longer missions.
any information would be very much appreciated 

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Additionally I'm unsure of how to create custom blueprints or at least change the requirements for crafting particular blueprints. I read somewhere that it says to find and open common_texts_all.bin for the scripts and text related to blueprints but I only have that file in the languages that aren't english for some reason. It isn't in the normal data folders, only the other language data folders such as Datajp and Dataru. Am I just missing this file in english or is there a different way to alter blueprint requirements and all that?
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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