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Mods in Single-Player?

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Hello everyone. I apologize since my English is bad bad.

My question is whether I can safely use mods in single-player mode, since I'm afraid of receiving a steam-vac for this. I'm wondering if this game handles this like gta5 where they ban those who use mods in the online but allow it in the single player.

I have asked this on steam forum and I have obtained mixed responses, some believe it is completely safe to do so, others have doubts, and others says don't do it.

When I'm at the options and select the single-player mode the "vac secure game" option is disabled. But this does not make me clear, I am safe or not? I have several games on steam but if I receive a vac, I'm sure I leave it and start shopping on the epic store =S

I clarify again just to be sure that I want to use mods for the sigle-player only mode. I have made one playthrough clean, and now I think there's room for more, there are many interesting mods in nexus, like the one adding new climates, and the one that makes the car more strong, etc. Also I completely agree to ban and send to Guantanamo those who use mods in multiplayer mode.

For me, this game on single player presents one of the best opportunities ever to have additional fun with mods, similar to fallout or skyrim games. I can imagine the amount of mods that can be created to have fun against the zombies :)

Well, thanks for reading, I hope someone can clarify this and if possible any official mention of the developers about this would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much for your patience.

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