Object won't open when using the antenna module trigger

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I've been testing some different triggers within the tools, however, there's two interesting objects. Those are the radio_module_plug_replace and radio_module_plug_out. If you use this sort of trigger, the animation will play, however the object won't do any sorts of changings (it simply stays,, the only thing you can see is an invisible animation). Can someone explain me why does that happen? Is it a glitch or does it require some sort of cutscene to work properly?

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the issue tracker was just a list of bugs - couldn't help in any way

as can't i - i dont know how to fix those animations - most likely would have to be done by techland.

you can try and send a support ticket about the issue - see if they have time to fix it

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but did they reply? what did they say?

i doubt me sending a ticket would help as well.

i've sent 2 regarding two issues, the first ignored, the second replied cause it was the one that broke custom maps for a few people.


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hm, they told me that my graphics driver was outdated, so I installed the newest version 2k19. Then they told me to go check Dying Light crash logs (which has literally nothing to do w/ the custom map) I also provided them a video but so far this has been a huge waste of time. I think that only the devs can fix it.

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