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Dying Light Questions.

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Just a few questions that's been bugging me since Dying Light was released : The throwing up by the Zombies why does it alert the Virals? How come human enemies have unlimited weapon duration & unlimited throwing weapons? Can't you explore Old Town in peace without harassment from Looters? Brecken seems to have vanished from the tower what happens to him after the Story? Time sometimes stops.Was at the Museum & time stopped.It never went dark.Was at the clinic & time stopped at Midnight why does it happen? When delivering the packages to Spike i hear a bloke distress calls over the radio in the university.Can you rescue him? I'm guessing Virals throwing up in alley ways in Old Town is the Harran Virus? Legend Skill takes forever to fill up unlike the others how do i get it up quicker? Not Stomp i think.



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