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Developer Tools crashing while testing?

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Ok, allow me to explain you what is going on. So, a few weeks ago Techland released a small update for the Developer Tools (updated automatically on steam) and that's where everything started.

You may wonder how does the crash occur? Each time you play-test your map and approach a so-called AI-Spawn/Horde Spawn, the dev Tools would freeze for a split second then crash.

How can I fix it? Easy, go into Steam > Library > Tools > Dying Light Developer Tools > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Tool Files.

This is what popped after the verification. After that, go and verify the Integrity once more (to make sure that everything is normal). Once done, play-test your map!

Edit: Apparently once you close the Dying Light Dev Tools application and re-enter it again, it crashes again while playtesting your map.

There is no permanent fix for that, so the only way to stop the crash is by validating your files again. Maybe it all happens due to the latest update, so my theory is: each time you "fix the files" of the Tools and quit that software, the recent update would automatically patch it back, which is the reason why it keeps on crashing when getting near spawners after re-opening the developer tools.


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