NavMesh preventing me from Launching Test

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2 hours ago, doomguy said:

you think that's ridiculous?


"With respect to your Dying Light issue, unplug any external devices, such as a camera, from your USB ports, please. See if the game behaves correctly after that.

Additionally, try downgrading your video driver version to an older one, please. The latest video drivers are not fully compatible with older games, such as Dying Light (2015)."


i'm using the same external HDD and video driver for the longest time, way before the tools stopped working.

still, im following instructions. i do want to get the tools back working instead of creating confusion.


Jesus Christ is it so hard as a developer to make a quick patch for the tools, rather than making players go through hell in order to make dev tools work? I personally give up. I also tried everything and so far it still crashes

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