need some Help plz ! (can't build my map anymore)

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Hi ! i'm a newbie so if i missed a couple of topics i'm sorry..

i am building a map since a few days on dev tools, my pc is up to date of all drivers my game is installed and all files are verified.

it went well until 3 days ago when i tried to build the map and play it i got a crash right after the small windows asking to "start".

i reloaded everything and tried to remove last objects i added but nothing i delete seems to avoid the crash.

i tried what many tried in forums like using older back up maps and none of my ba1/ 2 /3 or 4 or .bak allows the map to load properly when i build it

i looked at the crash logs and removed many objects where errrors were found, but it seems there's a lot of errors and maybe 500 WARN s :(

idk if someone can help me to find out which error is causing the crashes but it would be greatly appreciated

here is a link to my last crash log on dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg4euknrhye928x/crash_20190318_203409611.log?dl=0

thx in advance


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regarding backups, i usually do backups of the entire workshop folder - in case of crash u can delete the current folder adn paste a backup copy of the folder.

regarding the error, sorry, i dont do crash logs.

i know the backup tip is late, but you can try porting your map objects t another new map.

just group map objects in groups of no more than 1k (theres a number, search the forum)

these become eds files you can then cut/paste into your data folder of the new map.



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