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Hey Techland,


I've now played Be The Zombie a few times with friends and randoms, and we've all come to the same conclusion.


The zombie is weak.


Let me start out by saying that, its incredibly fun to play the zombie and I love the whole spiderman thing, however

with humans having the ability to see you on the minimap when they use "Survival sense" the zombie is quite weak

and theres hardly any tension.


I mean, if humans could not simply press "q" and then just look at the minimap, the mode would become so much 

more tense and horror like, since you never know when or where he will strike. It would force you to play as a group

instead of just mindlessly running to the nests and pressing Q to see when and where you have to flash some light.


In my oppinion, the addition of humans being able to "sense" the zombie (Which honestly make very little sense) the

zombie is just too weak.


So, I have three suggestions on how to fix this (Just so it wont seem like I am simply whining)


1. Make it so humans cannot sense the zombie, make it so they have to listen for the heavy footsteps when it runs or listen for its scream when it tries to find the humans.

It would create a much more tense and fun atmosphere.


2. Make it so the zombie does not loose its "powers" so quickly, the player hardly have to use half the UV light to drain your entire energy meter, I think its a good mechanic

to have the zombie become "stunned" when you flash it, but if you look at the volatiles in the normal game, they dont get permanently stunned or loose all their energy when you flash them,

they stagger and then continues the pursuit. :)


3. make it so there's more zombies around during the hunt, it would take the focus off the hunter for long enough so he can get into position to pounce the players, or simply

keep them at bay so the hunter has more of a chance. 


Anyway, I hope you guys will read these suggestions and take them as a help rather than a privileged kid whining because the game is not "easy" enough for him.

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Can i just say, Yes please!


After having tried out the "Be the Zombie" i spend about 20-30 min spamming through games where people just leave cause "oh no its scary!" and finally getting into a game vs a player

i realised how easy the zombie dies i in the last 5-10min of the game with one nest left, i actually got farmed cause the player can Q to find the zombie and UV the zombie to a point where it cant run away in anyway possible,

i know the talent tree makes you able to escape easier, which I find VERY wrong.


The zombies talent tree should be built around killing the players not escaping the UV which btw as mentioned above by this lovely Eternalazure, doesnt take much more than a fraction of the UV to burn the zombies energy.


Also to mention the time spend jumping through games just to find out most people run scared from this idea, either needs to be something the player chooses to turn on, rather than being on from the start.


also make matchmaking better for this, or actually make it a game mode you enter would prob be better, since most players are scared of this mode it would seem.


just an end quote "The zombie is weak."!!!!!!

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In all honesty, if they made it so only the zombie could locate the player with that roar, and not

allow the players to locate the zombie unless they actually see him, then it should level out properly

difficulty wise.


After all, the problem is that the player is always ready for the zombie, thus you can never get a pounce in.


If you can manage to get a pounce in then its a lot easier and more tense :)


But, since the player ALWAYS knows where you're coming from, then there's no "surprise MF" about it. 

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The zombie has several flaws:


It takes 3 to 4 normal hits and you are dead. Doesn't matter what weapon, they can kick you, punch you or hit you with a wrench or a 1800 damage katana. It will always take 3 to 4 hits except for when they score a headshot, which reduces the neccesary hits to 1 headshot and 1 normal hit. Not sure what the damage multiplikator for headhits are, but its pretty damn high so that one hit to the head means your end.


UV flashlights. They got an insane range. I am not sure what you could with them, except for reducing the range to maybe 75% or 80% of its current value.


Survivors can just spam Q to always know where you are. Kinda boring and one sided.


In General, as a friend said, there is never a tug of war. One side always dominates the other. Either the Survivors are getting eaten hard or the zombie gets beaten to a pulp. There is no inbetween.




Going with the maingame and its three seperated skills would I personally suggest three to four different zombies with their own skillsets. (Mind you, this is just something I am thinking up at the top of my head and it might not be viable, possible or anything else):


The Infestor is what we currently have. Spits from range and disables the enemy's UV so they can dare to pounce in, summons a zombie horde to distract them (and can possibly upgrade it so they are not exploding zombie but just normal zombie hordes/infected fast runners/ zombies that can climb and chse them or even one of those zombies we see at night that are incredibly tough, fast, can climb and can take a lot of damage.


Further upgrades can increase the range of the spit, the arc of it, the explosion time (so people have a harder time dodging it), as well as the explosion radius of it, so that you can cover a bigger ground, spit faster and take them out from afar more quickly.


The infestor has the least HP of the Zombies (175, just as it is right now) Normal attack damage would be around 25 - 40 per claw attack.


The Stalker is all about distracting the enemy and attacking him from the shadows. Passive abilities allow it to trick the Survivor sense of survivors, so that it shows up on wrong ends of the compass, or that there are even multiple ones, so that they will not know where the real one is (could range from anywhere between 4 fakes + 1 real you to 8 wrong pings +1 real you). You play tricks with the enemy and then lounge in for a kill from further away than you normally could (lets say that the current pounce range is 100 meters, would the Stalker be able to pounce from 150 meters instead and do so way faster). Using "spits" you can set traps on the ground that will periodically fake your position for you and/or summon a small horde of zombies when triggered. (A lesser version of the zombie horde right now)


Stalker would have medium HP (225 or so, enough to survive 6 to 7 hits). Normal attack damage would be at around 35 - 50.


The Daywalker,Yeah. All about resisting the UV and going in right for the damage, as well as lots of HP. Slam, UV resistance, go in with a slam pound and then pound them to pulp. Not much subtetly to this guy. He stalks along and then jumps over them and slams down onto them.


Highest HP, 300 (enough to survive 10 hits or more, possible even way more with upgrades) Base Damage of 50 - 65 per claw attack.



As for those skills that don't really fit anywhere (Air slam, faster movement speed, pulling in and traversing, etc) could be added in a seperate skill tree or just tagged onto the skill trees far on the left side.


That are my two cents on this matter.




I just had the idea that the Hp boosts are in the respective skills. So, a level 1 Stalker/Daywalker would have only 175 Hp just like the Infestor, but by unlocking more skills they would be able to get more HP.

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The Mode right now is an absolute Joke, every game I have invaded they know excatly where I am coming from even if I sneak up....


Who ever tested this mode and came up with these ideas is a idiot, also do not pit a zombie agaisnt 3 guys who have guns?


Talk about unbalanced, you need to do a thing called true matchmaking...

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You guys took the words right out of my mouth! One guy in a match said I was "trash for a level 12" and I could only sit there thinking "dude, it's too unbalanced, you ALWAYS know where I am." It's a challenge even for 1 on 1 matches. If they constantly look my direction, I'm basically helpless. The UV lights drain my energy WAY too fast. If it took 75% of the battery to do that, then that would be much better. That promotes teamwork to save on battery power. I'm surprised I've made it this far but I'm only level 14 because most guys drop out and give me free experience. I've messaged 10 people tonight alone that if they don't want to play, they should turn off invasions. Also, I've even seen one guy purposely use this mode to boost Agility in the safe zones. I managed to make him quit by pouncing him while he was making a pass so I still got my victory experience, but that really pissed me off. Completely disrespectful by ignoring me like that.


But yes, DEFINITELY give the Night Hunter more health (I'd say 300 at the current rate of damage is good) and get rid of Survivor Sense. That's total bullshit. I don't even like it in the single-player. It's completely unrealistic and hurts the immersive experience I was hoping for. I hardly use it unless I'm stuck. Also, extending the amount of time the Night Hunter can see Humans after they howl a little would be good. Cuz I'm constantly howling and it's a bit annoying and blows my cover when I need it most.


oh, and matching Zombie level with average Human level ([survivor + Agility + Power] / 3) within... say 3 levels? That would be even better. I also like the idea of giving zombies multiple skill trees. But if you do that, make sure we keep our perk points.

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these are some fixes id reccomend most of which are for 3/4 players :

they need to weaken uv light 
increase random zombies on streets 
less range on uv light (shotgun distance) 
have humans unable to sense the hunter unless he is within double pounce distance if its only 1-2 plays then make it 4 times distance or add the ability to stealth but you cant use tendrils during it 
increase ground pound duration 
have safe houses disabled after first 5 mins of the match(stops people from just hiding in there waiting for hunter to quit)
maybe make it 1vs1/2 and 2 vs 3/4 just to even it up a bit more
add in the ability to summon volatiles after the first 3 nests are destroyed
add in zombie defenders to 3/4 player games

add a spit trap that stays active for 1 min has a 4 min cd and the trap when activates summons 1 ai hunter who do no damage but distract the enemy(so it would pounce but do nothing it would be like a hallucination 

most important :

ensure level 1 zombies dont face any high lvl enemies or more then 1 enemy ,

if someone drops out of zombie mode or quits zombie auto disable zombie mode on that player

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I dont have mutch problem with this mode... Maybe you guys dont know how to play with it yet... He is not weak!

But vs 4 player or 3 its a little bit impossible if the team stays together... So I believe a new skill or something to get the team separeted will solve the problem

Well at least changing the uv range... So we can actualy spit on them without being hit by 4 uvs

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Low level zombies against experienced survivors is very one-sided. Matches are hard to get into, and xp even harder to get when you're a spitless level 1 in old town against anyone who knows the 2-button combo to nerfing you to constant standoffs. It's maybe a degree off from "The hunter shows up on the minimap by default"


There isn't much a hunter can even try to do when they're being constantly tracked. Everything the Hunter does gives away his position (especially if you have a good sound system). Loud steps, breathing, howling, locomotion. The survivors freaking invoke commentary on your closeness! The entire game balance hinges on the survivors having other things to focus on, which doesn't happen when they're given tools to focus on the hunter at all times. Strap a bright blinking light on a tiger and see how many animals she catches. That's the problem at hand.


I'm loosely okay with Survivors being able to 'spot' the Hunter with survivor sense, but minimap tracking is overkill since it allows too much positional advantage to go to the survivors. Taking out a nest can be done in neigh-perfect safely if you put the volatiles between you and the minimap blip, spam sense, and pop the light if the blip comes towards you.


Also, interrupting a pounce, for some odd reason, puts the survivor BEHIND you, and not in front of you.

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I hope a dev, mod or representative would give us a reply so we know we've been heard.


Theres a few problem with the otherwise fun Be the Zombie dlc, and I hope they will fix them soon.


Though, in my opinion, there should only be 1 zombie, chasing the survivors, not 4.

(Its already a hell to get a game now, imagine how annoying it would be with 4 zombies, + if you're 1 zombie and 1 human, its still doable on both sides, however, if 4 zombies join and only 1 human is on the map as well, that could create an entire new problem)


In all honestly, if only they removed the fact a human can "sense" the zombie, then the Be the Zombie game mode 

should become quite a lot more balanced.

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I hope a dev, mod or representative would give us a reply so we know we've been heard.


Theres a few problem with the otherwise fun Be the Zombie dlc, and I hope they will fix them soon.


Though, in my opinion, there should only be 1 zombie, chasing the survivors, not 4.

(Its already a hell to get a game now, imagine how annoying it would be with 4 zombies, + if you're 1 zombie and 1 human, its still doable on both sides, however, if 4 zombies join and only 1 human is on the map as well, that could create an entire new problem)


In all honestly, if only they removed the fact a human can "sense" the zombie, then the Be the Zombie game mode 

should become quite a lot more balanced.


no no no.. no..... no... 4 zombies?... its always 1 zombie... the humans can be 1 2 3 or 4

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Fine Ill post to "your" topic then >_>




As a highly conserned fan of the game and a regular hunter player I have a "few" things to talk about.

First of all I'm full leveled hunter and I fight against 1-4 max levelled players daily so I know what I'm talking about.

I have played both sides so I know all the counters and basically the mechanics of this mode pretty thoroughly.


Don't get me wrong I love the game but I do have some things to complain about.


The game mode at first glance seems pretty darn amazing. You control an ultimate intelligent mutation to hunt your prey in the dark night. You can swing like spiderman and have an x-ray vision, summon zombies, insta kill players etc. Yeah sounds pretty darn cool. Normally this all sounds unfair to play against which is why the developers invented the UV-light to burn of the night-hunter. I'm okay with it, it's reasonable counter and works, maybe too well that is.


Advantage and effort

My conclusion after countless games and battles is that, humans are omnipotents. By this I mean that there is not a single thing hunter can do against humans if they have the same level of knowledge of the mode. In fact the disadvantage hunter has even in 1v1 game is so frustrating that the skill ration needed to have an equal match is lvl 22 (max) hunter vs lvl5 survivor. Not to mention 3-4 man games.



Everything hunter does can be countered with UV flash light or simply dodging. Not much of a effort required than to press 1 button. Not even timing is needed, just spam the button. There is only one thing a hunter can do which UV light does not cancel, ground pound. It's a shame that often when the players extend to even chase the hunter with UV light (which light range is insane) only thing hunter is left with is a ground pound which needs to be timed correctly, lag is not helping.



Logically speaking when a hunter has to use great set of effort to even escape from the human player it's just expected that the game rewards effort on the offensive side as well? Well you would think so but no. When trying to combo the player with for example: Fly above, drop with pound and pounce them in mid air while they still fly from the knockback.



Let's analyze what the hunter has to do to execute this:

-Time the UV block just before enemy UV's you

-The block activation cancels your tendrils so you have to "calculate" your new tendril spot to be able to drop directly next to player to use the pound

-If the pound manages to hit you still have to pounce him while not getting interrupted.


Too bad you WILL get interrupted in 2 most common cases:

1) There is a second player who UV's you when you activate pounce so the block doesn't protect you.

2) The victim itself can flash the UV when pounced in mid air. I count this as a bug, if this is intented, it should never be possible in match of up a +2 players. How do you UV while stunned?! Seriously?!


Let's see what the player has to do to prevent being killed by this:

-Spam Survive sense Q

-Walk backwards while blinkin the UV light, or keep it burned since it recharges faster than hunter can move (apparently). Also no fear of walking blindly to a zombie while doing this since there are none.

-Dodge the drop/run away or just take the hit and keep calm and trust the UV tapping.

-Have a friend saving you.


That's all the player has to do to cancel the effort and timing of a hunter. The probability of hunter succeeding? 1 out of 20th is the avarage I have calculated. Other players won't even have that good chances (as I heard). You need more luck to have a braindead player to play against to execute this. I don't like luck being such a big part of the game.


Safe zones

Safe zones chupacabra hunters real bad.

-"Well duh that's what they are, safe zones!"

No not that way, I mean by flying to safe zone with tendrils by accident or flying over the place. You take enough damage when you fly over or accidently to these places to die to single hit from player's melee. The problem is that avoiding these areas can be harder than you at first thought think. You move quit fast as a hunter and you don't have much of a luxury time to look the víew. Often enough when escaping a player's UV or his fatal melee attacks you just swing to closest building, but what if it happens to be a random safezone wall? You die of cource.


Safe zones do not emit enough light in the hunters eyes to give a clear message of a danger zone. You can see very mild purple area in minimap but when you move like spiderman you already land to the nope-area before having a chance to regret it.


These things are just badly compromised. Make the areas have a real bright unrealistic glowing light barrier extending to the sky to warn the flying hunters not to go there or even by accidently escape there. Really obvious and easy solution.


Levelling and gaming experience

As I already mentioned the humans have all the tools or should I say, THE TOOL they need to give you a hard time at any spot. Walk backwards and blink the light protects you from "easy" pounces. Too bad that's all you have at the starting levels. Hunter needs all his abilities to have a chance against a normal player. My first play experience as a hunter to the lvl 7 was: "Bullsh!t."


I'm sorry for the swear but there is really nothing else to describe the experience as well. Anything or everything you did, was just "flashed" away. No pun intented.

The game got some taste when you receive both spits, faster tendrils and ground pound. Before that it's just awful.


Not to mention the huge turn off of this mode:

"player X joined the sessions"

"player X left the session"



This "invadind" feels more like a polite knock on the door.

"Knock knock"

"who's there?!"

"the hunter"

"hunter who?"

"night hunter"

"sorry, we don't buy chupacabra"


and that's that. You can't sell them any, you heard the man. I'd imagine that a game that sells itself with an opportunity to INVADE games and hunt players in middle of their missions should make sure that you can just pop out of no where and spread chaos and terror in your victims. I thought it's part of the deal and horror that nights are guarded with vicious intelligent hunters to devour your sanity and give you horrific gaming experience. Something to be afraid at nights right?


Instead you can't find games, if you can the players hunt you down, the night is not dark enough to hide in shadows, or rather not hide at all since players have unlimited access to the precise knowledge of your position at the map. Which makes me question why in the world is there no stealthy option for hunters?


I'd imagine that using the Hunter's roar is a double edged sword which gives you the player's position but reveals yours. Nope I was mistaken and paid for that with some confused tears when I'm silently sitting on roof watching the player's movements while noticing that they look at my direction 24/7.


The first time I got invaded I just laughed like maniac, ran after the poor hunter, slaughtered it with the goon's pole and kept doing it until he rage quitted. He didn't get me killed even once... Pretty sure that's not how it's suppose to go. Volatiles are not nearly enough threat when you have a grapling hook with you.


So basically this whole "invade the players game and hunt them down" is more like, ask if you can join the party to be hunted down by four hook-flying max levelled survivors one-shotting you and the nests. Oh and don't forget to turn the lights on, since that's where the party begins.



Hunter cannot survive without his abilities. The moment he doesn't have a single one of them available he is almost rendered useless. You can still keep the player busy with drop-pounds but it's a risky move especially if there is even a slight lag at present. Yet this is all thanks to the incredibly simple and various counter measures given to players.


-Horder -> run to roofs or just to awkward places they can't climb


-Uv cancel -> have a friend or drop flares


-both spits? -> well first of all, you don't take both spits since it needs precision from hunter and if he snipes you, you can dodge away from them, don't stand still.

if you take both spits, yeah you pretty surely die, except if you kill hunter and run from zombies or simply that doesn't matter. The hunter uses half of his abilities to get a single kill and waits who knows how long to get them back. Not cool


-Pounce -> keep that hunter saturated with the UV-light, is not that hard. Also do not turn you back to him and keep spamming survive sense.


-Tackle -> dodge and assassination the hunter while coming down.


-Ground pound -> bait the pound by going forth then dodging backwards, now you can slay the immobile hunter.


-Hunter harassing and staying nearby -> hook and start chasing, your UV light is so big that the hunter might not even be able to escape and you can just strike him down.


- nests have 1-2 regualr zombies and hunter is nearby? -> why even bother staying near nests, just one shot them with molotov or shotgun, zombies are not a thing during invasion.


-Hunter gets aggressive and melees? Don't worry he has 150hp, deals 40dmg with all attacks, you have 200 hp and deal 50%->100% with melee, just don't use guns.


Summary, answers and fixes

-Penalty for players for leaving or reward for hunter if left either way. If you don't want hunters there is a button for it.


-UV light has bigger CD if you overburn it (If you are stupid enough to burn you UV on a empty roof then you deserve to become vulnerable. especially the case if you have more than one player)


-UV light range should be nerfed (self explonatory, it's long enough for players to chase the hunter forever if they have hook, the UV's job is to prevent assaults not utilize your own assault, and it can still do it if hunter is too aggressive.)


-Knocked players cannot use UV light in mid air because they are stunned. (doesn't apply in 1v1, if you have a friend then this is totally acceptable, more pray doesnt mean more kills, it means less kills...sadly.)


-Nests take same damage from all melee weapons and ranged weapons. (this prevents the nests to be insta shotted and gives a hunter a chance.)


-Hunter has more health skill (you gain max lvl at 22 which is too low. I'm almost 40 and it's getting boring. Hunter dies too quickly to any power-weapon so more health and durability ability would be nice fix)


-Hunter skills in general need much much more skills. Maybe even up to level 50.


-If horde zombie explodes on a player, it should always kill the human instantly or the revive timer should be around 10 seconds instead. It takes too long now and securing a kill in 3-4player match up (when they all are full leveled) is more than hard.


-Horde spit summons more and better zombies depending on the ammount of players. (1 player gets the ones we have now, 2 players get virals as well, 3 players get toads and 4 players have volatiles.)


-Hook is not usable. (If this would become a thing some of the stuff above wouldnt be necessary, like the horde upgrade. Note that using hook always seems to have a warping lagg effect. Player hooking on a edge of a roof appears behind you when you see him just getting on edge. Usually you are dead when you realize this)


-After you pounce (and get interrupted) a player in midair the hunter's pound following the interrupted pounce doesn't have any effect, this is a bug I believe and should be fixed. You can fly again and take damage from pound when you are on ground.


-Tackle inflicts more damage or stuns the player. (Current tackle is useless since players can see from the minimap when you approach and just dodge your tackle, UV the chupacabra out of you and assassinate with kill move when dodging, really inconvenient ability. Needs a buff. It even has a acceleration so it can't be used on roof's)


-Hunter's loot should be needed to creat much better loot than a lousy potion. This would encourage people to accept invasions more often. Right now the game is not encouraging facing a hunter. It's not even fun to beat the hunter player to death because of how easy it is. He is not a threat. He does not even creat a threat since I can see him with survive sense.


-Survive sense doesn't show hunter's location anymore OR you have radar type of sense which means you can activate it far less frequently and it only shows a spot where the hunter WAS at the moment of use.


-Hunter should be able to be stealthy if he doesn't use the Roar ability. The revealing of a player should be double edged sword. I really wish I could get the paranoid fear of not knowing when and where the hunter strikes. It's already easy to tell where he is since flash light/ noise he makes and the sky is pretty visible even at nights.


- Hunter's abilities need a smaller cooldown.


- In  4 player match there can be 2 hunters (only if none of the above changes are made)


Overally the gameplay has incredible potential but it's not using even half of it. It's just that the humans are far too forgived for their mistakes. The hunter mode feels really clumsy for both sides and not really giving any reason to play it. I'd really hope to see even half of these changes to be tested and maybe implemented. It may sound like I'm giving hunter insane buffs but take into note that not all of these are necessary at the same time to make the game mode more enjoyable. Changing even one of these makes a huge difference to enjoyment of the game.


Thanks for reading and tell me what you think. I'm open to all discussion and opinions as long as you back them up with logic.

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WTF? The hunter is one of the strongest monsters in storymode along with the big titan dudes with the heavy rebar and the goliaths. They take quite a while to kill even with an incredible weapon, and if you get hit by one you can expect to loose at least a 4th of your health. Why is it that not so in be the zombie online gameplay. It can take me up to five to seven hits to kill a human yet if they have a decent weapon i die in 1 to 2 hits. That is completely not fair. How is it that hunters are stronger than humans in storymode yet its flipped when you play online? Heres another thing. The uv light blocker. If you cant activate the uv light blocker and hit square on ps4 or x on xbox and pounce on them then whats the point. If thats the case then the recharge time of that power should be half or more. I find it extremely unfair that when versing even one human, he has the biggest advantage, yet alone 4 humans. If thats the case and none of that is going to change, then their needs to be 8 hunters vs. 4 humans since humans have such a big advantage. I want to be the zombie but not if it takes me 10 hits to kill them and they only need to hit me once with a decent weapon. Thats an outrage. Fix it damn it! It should be even or hunters should be stronger since they can and or have to take on up to 4 humans. Completely unfair! Fix it!

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I've gone up against high level survivors as a level 1/level 2 hunter, and it was a total shutout in Old Town because of this. Survivors have access to pretty powerful weapons early on that can and will 1-shot a hunter.


1 on 1, it's a horrible game of standoffs and being hunted by the Survivors. All they do is wait for you to get close/aggressive, hose you with the UV, run you down, then go after the objective while you respawn. It turns the mode on its head, and it works every time. No amount of 'good' play with a lot of no-howl skulking and vigorous circling, all it takes is spamming 2 buttons and a minimap to completely shut down low level hunters w/o access to spits or UV block.


A lot of areas are very open (trainyard area) or sheltered from above (underpass, inside buildings, etc), which adds significantly to the difficulty of getting pounces in. The hunter is a joke when you not only have their GPS position zeroed in, but you are facing the ONLY elevation they can attack from while you whack on the nests.


I only got a kudo for groundpounding a dude into spikes at point-blank range.. and I only pulled that off because I had just  turned a corner and had them in my face. You can't see fine details for chupacabra with the monochromatic filter to plan things like that to exploit aggressive survivors, and I have no guarantee that if it hadn't been a 1v1 that he couldn't have just been plucked off the spikes by a buddy and dusted off like nothing happened.


I don't mind Survivors having a slight edge. It's their game I'm in, but hell, I'd even feed them narrow wins to keep the spirits up, as long as I get my kills in to level. It's a wee bit too one sided when I'm more or less the flying Hunchback of Laugh-in-my-face-because-of-flashlight that makes BTZ mode almost unbearable, on top of the survivor-abandoned games and unavailable matchmaking.

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Fine Ill post to "your" topic then >_>


It's not "mine" its all of ours, I simply believe we should post in the same topic for a bigger chance of being heard. Having 50 small posts about the mode will only 

serve as spam, if ONE topic got 60 posts, then theres a good chance the devs will take a look.

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I also kind find it unfair that the survivors can use camouflage and completely negate the hunters sonar while the hunter has no way of masking it's presence for vital kills. I have yet to run into a situation where 4 players are all actively using the camouflage perk but I imagine that would be very stressful giving how hard it is to get a kill in the first place.

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  • NIGHT CHANGES THE RULESIn daylight you explore the city searching for supplies and weapons. After nightfall, though, this ifected world undergoes a dramatic transformation that gives the gameplay a new dimension. You, a hunter by day, become prey. The infected grow in strength, but something even more sinister looms in the darkness to begin its hunt.?

This is from the Game Info on the website! "You, a hunter by day, become prey".... Why is it so easy to Kill Night Hunters? Either Night hunters are too under-powered or human survivors are too overpowered.


Here are a few Suggestions I have:

1. Night Hunters need either more HP or their basic claw attack does way more damage (seriously whats the point of risking getting one hit killed from a human if my melee attack doesn't even scratch them)

2. UV Light range needs a serious reduction to where its maybe 2-3ft in front the user (honestly have you ever seen a UV flashlight that small go that far in real life...)

3. UV Light also needs a slower recharge rate as to make it a utility of last resort, because lets be honestly Zaid's Flares are already too available.

4. Night Hunter Spit needs either a larger splash radius or a shorter explosion timer, because its way to easy to dodge

5. Humans weapons need to be balanced to the hunter and Nests (unnecessary if changes in #1 and #8 are applied)

6. Human sense should not be able to see night hunters or at least only show zombies that are within view. (I understand Night Hunters using echo location, but since when did humans have x-ray vision, are they suppose to be children of superman or what?)

7. There needs to be more Zombies around during an invasion, seriously when i hear invasion i imagine zombies flooding the streets.

8. Nests need more HP

9. needs to be a penalty for Leaving a game for hunters and humans.

10. Safe houses should be closed during invasions or at least a penalty for staying in them too long.

11. Killing a Night Hunter should give better rewards, seriously who even uses the potions


(note: most of these suggestions I realized while my game was being invaded and how easy it was for me to kill the zombie)


In general, An invasion should pressure humans on trying to destroy the nests ASAP while trying to keep the Night Hunter at bay, instead of allowing them to camp and try to hunt and kill the Night Hunters.

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