Theory for how the virus got out

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So the devs have already stated that both ending in the following (nuke or mother fight) are indeed canon and are based on the players individual choice.

With this we can confirm that the virus didnt get out because crane turned into a zombie and infected ppl outside the quarantine so there is really only 1 exanation that i can think of, and i think that Bad Blood cold contain the reason. I havent heard anyone else talk about this theory either which im kind of surprised about.

So in the Bad Blood trailer the dude in the helicopter announces that anyone who give him the samples he can garuntee their escape from the quarantine. So the player who give them the samples is ekther a GRE agent or some other person who wants to weaponise and sell the virus. Obviously the virus gets out (or purposfully released) and infects the rest of the outside world.

Thats really the theory and again im surprised no one (that ive seen in the forums or talked to) has talked about this and its very unlikely that we'll ever know so its fun to come up with these types of theories

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