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So Why Can I Not Have A Physical Copy Of This Game?

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Anyone care to explain to me why being from outside North America means that it's impossible for you to have a hard copy for another month?

Buying games digitally in the Uk, and I know Australia, and I'm sure probably every other country where the hard copy release has been pushed back is substantially more expensive.

So as far as I can tell, and I do hope I'm wrong, pushing back a hard release 4 days before launch when people are getting excited for the game is a way to try and force people in to spending an extra £15, to get to play your game which is by far and away the biggest chupacabra move I've ever seen from a developer.


Anyone care to venture any other reasons why a digital download of a game would be completely playable, but putting it onto a disk and shipping it would take another month to complete?

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I would think the delay is to assist in the possibility of a product recall.

Take AC Unity for example; 4 Patches and its still buggy, they distributed 2 many discs to even think about a product recall. (even though that is what should've happened)


If the game release had that many bugs, a US –only recall would still be feasible vs a world recall.

Digital downloads is just an easy patch but with the actual disc you will always have that broken game version on there...


This makes sense to me but think what you like

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