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Day One Opinions - Zombie Mode And Human

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So as of this posting, I'll have logged eight hours into the game. Overall I greatly enjoy the game. The co-op is fantastic and with the singleplayer I have barely any gripes, none of which are even remotely close to game-breaking. I'm gonna talk about what I liked and disliked in these 8 hours. This is purely my opinion, and I can be wrong.  


I absolutely love the movement and combat system in this game. At first I was confused as to why everything was so limited but unlocking things as you progress made me feel like a real person not some demi-god sent down from the heavens to go and ruin an entire city (I'd be too late for that anyway). Even as the hunter the movement makes me feel like spiderman and the mobility the hunter has is fantastic. Actually being able to engage and disengage with the humans feels very fluid and overall a balanced system. The brutality of the combat and the different movement skills had me spending 3 of the 8 hours I played just chupacabra around with my friends trying to get eachother killed. That alone will likely merit replay value for me since the game can't be anything other than dynamic gameplay wise. The only complaint I have about human gameplay is not being able to check your watch. It breaks immersion a bit, but that's really something I could live without. It just seems a bit odd to me that I have to enter a menu to check the time. 


So far in the story I only have had two connectivity issues in which were easily resolved by reconnecting, and we didn't lose any progress or anything we had gotten during the desync. We picked up right where we left off together, and with what we had gotten even when the game had desync'd us out of eachothers game. Hats off for that. But that was in the story. In the Be the Zombie mode, I have only managed to successfully play four games as the zombie. I attempted to join about fifty games, and only four of them went through. So that's 8%. ~8% of games so far have managed to go through. And they were not very fun. As I said, the zombie plays very similar to the human. Just faster and stronger (stat wise). He gets skills the same way the humans do and they all are very useful, sure, but the balancing of them is so ridiculously unfair to the hunter that you can barely even use your skills because you can't get close enough to the humans to use them properly. 


The spits are great, if they didnt have such an obscenely long cooldown. Also landing them without the charging spit skill is absurd. They take time to explode and are audible on landing and very visible. If a human gets hit by them it's either because they're trapped or just not paying attention, which makes taking the time to line them up when they're smashing one of your nests almost not worth it. 


The human sense ability is absolutely ridiculous. You cannot sneak up on the humans if there is more than one of them. You simply can't. They can sense you from wherever you are regardless of whether or not you're crouching or moving. They can know exactly where you are at all times, which by itself makes winning as the hunter almost impossible. One of the four games I played was with two random humans and we tested all of the skills we had at the time (I was level four, so we tested the spits, the tackle, and the senses). The UV blocker is a must-have, because since the humans know where you are all they have to do is have one of them sensing all the time and the other can just UV you whenever they want. The tackle is a great idea, if you could see where the spikes and other environment hazards are. Why aren't they highlighted? I have to crank my gamma all the way up to even be able to distinguish them from other doodads. 


In my opinion, the story is just fine the way it is. I am loving it to pieces and will continue to play it endlessly. I might play another game or two as the zombie but afterwards I won't touch it until they make it actually fun for the hunter. Make the spits have maybe ten seconds less on the cooldown, and get either get rid of the human sense or make it so they can only use it to track me when I howl. If they can only sense me when I sense them, that's perfectly fair and makes sense. Maybe beef up the zombie a little bit, because if the human has a good weapon or high levels, they can destroy you in melee. Pouncing is the only way to kill humans save for them already being low. But even then if you don't have the UV blocker skill it's possible for them to interrupt you themselves should they be quick enough. 


All in all, I love the story and am incredibly disappointed in the zombie mode. Once they fix the balance issues I will happily spend endless hours playing as the zombie, but not again until then. 

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