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Tau Effect

City Scape Viewable In Object Reflections


While inside the Tower during the beginnings of the game, I have noticed several surfaces with very odd reflections. While roaming the rooms and hallways it appears that the western side of the building surfaces such as doors, walls, tiled surfaces (basically anything shiny or semi shiny) has an odd reflection. It appears as if the surfaces are semi-transparent, allowing you to view the city-scape through the walls/doors or other western facing surfaces. Some places are very subtle and others its like a dirty window. I can make out structures, cars, small buildings, roads, trees, and even smoke plumes...Has anyone else experienced this?

**UPDATED** I have now seen this effect on surfaces from all angles, not just western facing surfaces. This is most evident while crouching in the tiled bathroom in room 204 of the Tower (appears to be the school?)

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