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Hank J. Wimbleton

Make Bad Blood Free-to-Play/Fix Melee Combat

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This is a horrible joke at this point. Bad Blood's player count is only around 20-30 players at max recently. It just best to make the game free-to-play at this point.

However, there is another issue I would like to address and its the melee combat of Bad Blood. The Combat system, regarding melee weapons, is completely luck based and needs a change. Literally every battle I go into is a game of guessing the right move as when I engage someone I have no idea what he is going to do and vice versa. Is he going Kick, Slice me up, Block, or maybe use one of his utility weapons; there is literally no way to figure out what the player is going to do to where it involves rolling a dice and praying you get lucky. Some players may have obvious patterns, but that still involves guessing the right move and they may suddenly change since all these moves are done in a click what. Considering that this game will feature a "ranked" mode I find it quite insult that guessing is considered skill. For Honor had a better combat system with players being able to react to moves better while being punished properly if they fail to react.

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