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Remembering Dead Island Theme Song & Trailer

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Sometimes I still listen to the Dead Island Theme song, or watch the trailer again. I remember I loved the song and trailer before Dead Island was released. The song is available on Youtube in so many ways: as live recordings by musicians, in 2 hour extended versions, the trailer can be seen in reverse or regular order, and the song was even used in a Dead Island 2 trailer (replacing the regular Dead Island 2 trailer song).


I remember watching the trailer for the first time and thinking it was so tragic. 


Michal Napora and Techland, have you used the composer for this song again for Dying Light or Hellraid? Thanks.


I'll include a link to the Dead Island trailer in beginning-to-end order (chronological). The other versions are available by searching Youtube.

EDIT: I'll also add a version with real actors! I'd never seen it until today.

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