What Kind Of Easter Eggs Would You Like To See Happen In Dying Light, Personally?

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I've previously listed my Easter eggs ideas on the general ideas forum.


1. A Sleepy Hollow. (Weapons included)


2. Evil Dead: The Army Of Darkness. (Weapon included)


3. Freddy Krueger. (Weapon included)


Any thoughts on what Easter Eggs you folks want, in-game?

Im already amused by the EXPcalubur 

But I want to see Steve te zombie from the ad thing on the dying light channel on youtube

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How about a nod at assassin's creed. with a guy dead with robes and hood splated beside a building.

Oh I have another one...

There can be a room full of Resident Evil items and equipment plus posters. Then 2 zombie will appear. One zombie is dressed up as Nemesis (but does not bite because of the mask he has on) and the other zombie is dressed up as a Brad Vickers of S.T.A.R.S. Then the player finds a camera showing that the 2 ppl that turned into zombies were actually trying to make a fan video of Resident Evil 3 but was unfortunately attacked by real zombies all caught on film. Lol

Hey bud where have you been :).

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i would like a us army standard Colt1911 .45 ACP available for story and also obtainable in the following a unique tribal bullet proof vest variant outfit that provides a portion of protection from bullets with new survivor skills that once this new survivor skill is reached you can buy it and its compatible with story

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