What Kind Of Easter Eggs Would You Like To See Happen In Dying Light, Personally?

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I've previously listed my Easter eggs ideas on the general ideas forum.


1. A Sleepy Hollow. (Weapons included)


2. Evil Dead: The Army Of Darkness. (Weapon included)


3. Freddy Krueger. (Weapon included)


Any thoughts on what Easter Eggs you folks want, in-game?

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Do tell me more Easter Eggs O.o and do checkout the new weapons listen and abilities by looking at the video xD.



Also any weapon that is really fun to use such as a weapon with really high knock back or launches zombies straight up into the air

Hmm.. Like a Number#1 Foam Finger as a blunt melee weapon O.o?

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OK this is from my earlier Easter Egg ideas from my suggestion to add museums and gun-stores  in the game, soo here they are. 


1. The potato launcher blueprint can be found in a museum on display  with the description on its case saying (The most dangerous salad tossing weapon alive.) 
(added as a pun by the museum owners before the zombie outbreak). (Easter Egg joke weapon).
2. The Sawed-off-Double-Barrel Shotgun with the writings carved on it with its unusual design (Evil Dead: The Army Of Darkness. Possible Easter Egg) is displayed
in a glass case with two Machetes hanging off it from both sides like a cross with 6 packs of quarters around the weapon (Possible Resident Evil: Afterlife 
Easter Egg). Its in the same museum where the potato launcher blueprint is located.
3. The Tommy Gun can be found in a Police station's evidence lockup room, far back in the room in very old containers, still in prime condition for use (some ammo
barrels can be found in a seperate evidence containers and a possible old school gangster Easter egg )
4. The blueprint for the Pipe Shotgun can be located in the sewers (inside a nuclear fallout shelter/bomb-shelter in the sewers, Possible Metro Last Light 
Easter egg). this weapon is fully customizable.
5. A sheathed katana next to a big glass case full of severed zombies (possible The Walking Dead Easter egg).
My other Easter Egg ideas from another list
1. The (Freddy Krueger) themed melee weapon can be found over a dead child-zombie's head. In a urban houseold, when the player goes 
upstairs in a childs play-room, a whisper says to the player (make.. th..em rememb..e.r..) (Only on nights in the game when the moon is 
out, the weapon appears on the dead child-zombie's head) the dead child-zombie lies motionless in the center of the room and after the 
player grabs the weapon, lightning flashes twice outside of the window of that room and the lights go out, for some seconds and then comes
back on with a large creepy bloody writing slowly appearing on the wall ahead of the player that reads with a Freddy Krueger themed voice 
saying loudly (Heeeere's.... FREDDY!!) followed by a loud classic horror maniacal laughter as the player runs for the exist scared and 
emotionally freaked out. (It's a in-game Easter Egg for Dying Light) Lol Hope ya like it.
2.The (Sleepy Hollow) themed weapons can be found in a public park area. At the far north-west end of a park near a small cliff and a small
forest of 26 trees, there is a old statue of a Horsemen from the turn of the century covered in vegetation, but (only) on some misty nights 
where random lightning strikes behind the old statue without a cloud in the sky in the park. The vegetation on and around the statue disappears, 
revealing a small patch of pumpkins near the base of the statue with some candles lit all around the base into a odd star pattern. When the player
ventures to explore this location on these special misty nights in the far north-west end of this park, he/she will see a bright wavy glow of 
candles comming from the small forest and might go in to see what it is and he/she might find this old statue of a horsemen from the turn of the 
century. When the player gets closer to the statue, he/she will see bodies of some zombies and bandits layed around near the base of the statue
with their heads missing, when the player looks near the base of the statue, he/she will find the Axe weapon (the weapon of the headless horsemen
who is Death, one of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse in The TV Show: Sleepy Hollow) splaced on one of the pumpkins near the base of the statue
and the Sword weapon (the weapon of the headless horsemen on his grave site, next to the Withering Willow Tree from the Movie: Sleepy Hollow) is
through the small forest of 26 trees near the cliff, the Sword is stuck on a tree and right below the placed sword, there is a body of a headless
bandit with a pumpkin next to the body with its hand resting on it. When the player has collected both of the Axe and Sword weapon from the statue 
location and start to leave the park, there is a loud sound following them now from the small forest, it's the sound of a horse running behind you
followed with the sound of a sword unsheathing with the running sound coming from behind you, just louder and faster as you run for your life, for
the park exist and as you almost reach the exist, the running sound is upon you, followed with the sound of a slash of the sword with a blood curdling
screams of a man running, just before the moment his head has been cut straight off his shoulders. The player has reached the park exist and he/she
just might look back for the sounds behind her/him and see a pumpkin-head with a face of terror carved straight into it, laying on the ground just 
reaching the outside of the park exist. As the player sees the pumpkin head carving, he/she might go back to that statue location to explore again 
that very moment and if the player counts the bodies of the zombies and the bandits at the statue location, he/she might find the same amount of 
pumpkin heads next to the base of the statue (with faces of someone running away in utter terror from something carved in to them), the player might
also find the positions of the bodies eerie, as if they were running away, running towards the direction park exist, this will give a real cold chill
down his/her spine and they might think back to the sounds of the horse and it running after the player followed with the sound of a sword unsheathed
and the screams of a man running in the same direction of the park exist as the player did. And Lastly if the player would look at the statue of the
horsemen from the turn of the century, he/she will notice something shocking, the statue's head is missing, replaced with a head of a pumpkin looking
down at the player motionless with a face of someone with a creepy smile with eyes glaring at him/her, carved into it with a candle lit inside of it,
also the player will find candles lit inside of the pumpkins with faces of someone in terror, looking at him/her with a motionless stare near the base
of the headless statue, and then after the player just runs like hell, scared and emotionally freaked out. (It's a in-game Easter Egg for Dying Light
and the Sleepy Hollow themed weapon only appears at misty nights in the public park area but rarely). Hope you all like this one as well. Lol
and this is it for now, I'll post more later x3.

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Maybe something like a resident evil charakter getting eaten by zombies like to say "this is much more difficult, a resi char wouldnt have the chance to survive"


Or a witch from l4d as a boss fight


And if you iimplement a museum, add a theme like history of zombies which shows how people tried to survive in our history from stoneage till now



And pictures " from ape to men and finally to zombie" or maybe in different styles to special zombies

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I am sure I have plenty ideas and will drop them as they come to me.


One thing I think would be cool/funny;


If this is yet another world that follows in zombie-genre style by never actually using the word "Zombie" (walkers, biters, freaks, shadows, etc), I think it would be great to have a secret discoverable room (basement or mental asylum or the like) that has a single guy in it (possibly in a straight jacket if hospital, although maybe no longer strapped in, yet character has no intention of leaving room) that is just sitting/pacing talking to himself about "Zombies". Maybe just repeating the word over and over, possibly even staggered sentences about how he predicted the coming of the Zombies, but no one understood the word.


i.e. "Zombies. Zombies are coming I says. I tried to warn them. Warn them about the zombies. But nooooo. No one would listen. 'What's a Zombie?' they said. ZOMBIE is a Zombie I says. And zombies are coming...."


Feels kinda Gollum-ish. But you get the picture. I also think that this would be a fun voice-acting part for possibly one of the staff, doesn't neccessarily have to be a hired voice actor. Just have to sound crazy.


But, then again, if they use the word "Zombies" in game world, kind would make it pointless. ;)

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Also, I can't speak for everyone else, but I love a funny easter egg. Especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with what it is housed in. The more "outta left field" the better. For instance:


There could be a dance studio or clubhouse or something, where you walk in and in the corner there is a dead woman in a tutu or leotard with "Baby" on the front, or on a "Hello, my name is:" nametag. (Dirty Dancing)


There could be a random bedroom that has money all over the bed and a dead woman in the middle, and if you get close enough, an old man zombie comes out of nowhere that looks suspiciously like Robert Redford. (Indecent Proposal)


There could be a house where the child's room has a cardboard cut-out of Powerline, and the parent's room has an album of Xavier Cugat and a record player. (Disney's A Goofy Movie)


A random house that if you open the freezer, there is an odd music box inside that plays a music-box version of "Let it go". Or a cell phone with that as ringtone. (Frozen)


Maybe in a somewhat wooded area you can find a turtle crawling around, or could be dead or just a shell, that has "Cowabunga" written in blood across shell. (TNMT)


Weapons? Maybe a golf club that you launch (hit) mines with. (Caddyshack)


A  toaster covered in green sludge that either you swing around and bash skulls with, or you've rigged to something that you kick out into a group that produces a large AoE electrical burst. It can be found in a library with the cards all over the place.(Ghostbusters)


I could seriously go on forever. Maybe take a poll in the office and find out what the staff votes as their collective non-zombie related favorite movie, and go with that. If they can't figure out an easter egg for it, guarantee I can. ;)

Easter Egg Outfit, Michael Jackson Thriller red leather costume.

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xP I hate that song.


lol fair enough, and understandable, but doesn't make it any less funny as an Easter Egg, especially if the game world does not use the word Zombie. ;)


Besides.... It's in your head.

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lol fair enough, and understandable, but doesn't make it any less funny as an Easter Egg, especially if the game world does not use the word Zombie. ;)


Besides.... It's in your head.

That was not funny!

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A Cthulhu Related themed Easter Egg Idea: The player goes underwater far in the coastline and finds Odd Ruins there, goes there to explore the

huge area.


The player goes around exploreing and finds alot of suriviors and infected dead there, all slimed up in greenish goop, in the center the player finds a

Statue of a Old Dark one (Cthulhu) with some supplies near it and candlies lit, with Ancient bladed and Blunt Sacrfical weaponry in the center base.


As soon as the player grabs all the weapons and materials for crafting and customization from the center , The underwater temple shakes violently

and the player has to run out of the temple before hes/shes traped in there for good and back to the coastline, back to the surface.


As soon as he/she reaches the coastline, The player waits for a whole day and a whole night. then if he/she goes back to the coastline,

The player can see the Old UnderWater Temple has surfaced close to the beach of old town and has seemingly repared it self, and it

can now be used as a safehouse and can be fited with all the player suruvual needs.

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1. An abandoned space boot that is stepping on a zombie's face. Along with a sentence written in blood on the wall: "Cut off their limbs"  (Dead Space references) I especially love this one.


2. A dead Island poster in one of the side characters rooms. (Dead Island reference)


3. A poster of tons of zombies over running a safehouse with the caption "ZERG RUSH!!! KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE!!!" (Star Craft reference)


4. A dying guy in a house somewhere who says "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" and hands you a blade before dying. (Zelda reference)


5. The occasional slender man, look at him and he teleports to another location on the map. (Maybe make a Trophy/Achievement tied to this?)


6. A room that has the words "The room is filled with Zalgo" with random symbols all over it making it hard to read. Like this: (Creepypasta reference)


7. Maybe during a mission after a few normal commands from your leader "Kyle, Arm the bomb", "Kyle, Light 'em up", "Kyle, get to the rooftops". He might say Ramirez instead of Kyle? (Call Of Duty reference)


8. A motivational poster inside a safehouse stating: "If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball" (reference to the popular movie "Dodge-ball") The car referred to in this statement is the cars that the demolisher throws.


9. Have a top spinning on a table, alongside a dice and a chess piece. (Reference to Inception)


10. At some point you fall for a trick supply drop and over the radio you hear "It's a trap!" (Reference to Star Wars)


11. Maybe at some point your leader refuses to let you into the safehouse stating "First you have to do the Truffle Shuffle" Kyle replies "What?" At which point he says that he was just kidding and opens up the gates. (Reference to The Goonies)


12. Maybe upon finding recipes or weapons there will be a scrawling on the wall being an easter egg to some game?



Wow... I simply cannot believe that the devs are listening to our ideas... Just... wow.

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I will be expecting a Dead Island reference for sure... maybe a postcard... or a poster somewhere in the city... maybe Sam B's bling-bling (LOL), which you could then put on your character... or just have an NPC say something about hearing on the radio of something similar happening on an island... or maybe you, yourself hearing it on a radio with static and what not...

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