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Michał Napora

Our Team Needs Your Help

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All right, nothing major, but still major. 


We've been scratching our heads over trying to come-up with something decent for this image. 


So far we have:

1. "That one time you forget a shield to work this happens..."

2. "This guy is a killer - no bones about it."

3. "I really like his moustache..." (worst one of them all) 


If you could caption this image, what would you say? What would go through his head?


Please help.


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The skeleton thinks "When your friends say 'he doesn't have an axe, he can't fight', don't believe them, ever!"  :D


Haha. I don't know. This is a hard one. Regarding the moustache one you had suggested, the skeleton could think "All I said was 'I moustache you a question' and he pulls out an axe!!" (because "moustache" sounds like "must ask")  B)

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