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Top 5 Weapons In Your Favorite Zombie Games.

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While waiting for Dying Light, I decided to find out what are people's favorite zombie games and what are their top 5 weapons in each game. Reasons would be appreciated too. Ties are ok too. :)


Here are mine...


* Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

1. Grenade Launcher (Because it holds different types of rounds and on of them is a freeze round, which happens to be the most effective on the main enemy, Nemesis, himself.

2. Magnum Revolver with .44 Magnum rounds. (This one is a very effective weapon.)

3. STI Eagle 6.0, Berretta 92FS Handgun, Benelli M3S Shotgun, and the dagger knife. (These help me dispose zombie with ease. The Benelli and Beretta are most lethal when their ammos are enhanced. The knife is so awesome when finishing enemies on the ground. The STI is like a very fast handgun that can make critical kills.

4. M66 Rocket Launcher and Mine Thrower (The best weapons used on the final boss.)

5. Demon of Sword of Paracelsus (The weapon that will make the final finish to the final boss and is a life saver. ;) )


* Zombie Revenge (DAMN I MISS PLAYING THIS GAME!!! :( )

1. Hand-to-hand combat and handgun. (I mean I'm always equipped with these even though I need to save the ammo for the handgun. These are the best in this game because all other weapons are dropped and cannot always be used in certain stages. Plus, I love how we can combo with punches, kicks, and grapples.)

2. Hatchet (A nice blade that can be thrown on an enemy.)

3. Drill (Oh these babies are just awesome when it comes for blood and gore.)

4. Shotgun and Machine Gun (These make the job faster even on bosses.)

5. Axe and Iron Pipe (Nice melee weapons to use when fighting enemies.)

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DR2 Off the Record

 1. D laucher, funny weapon always laugh as it kill zombies

 2. Freedom Bear,  stuffed animal robot bear with machine guns duck taped with 

 3. Chainsaw paddle, two chainsaws twice the fun

 4. Saw blade laucher, loved watching those blades fly

 5. Alien laser head, burning death rays to zombies 

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* Resident Evil 2:

1. Sub Machine Gun, Desert Eagle, and Spark Shot

2. Rocket Launcher

3. Grenade Launcher

4. Bow Gun/Crossbow and Shotgun

5. Handguns (Especially Ada Wong's Browning HP.)

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Don't get mad! D: I dun want to like.. List each game. So Ima just list my fave weapons for zombie anything in general? :3 


1) Baseball bat. Hard, sturdy, good swing and impact.. You can't go wrong. 


2) Machete. A good strong blade and practical to carry if you need it. 


3) A hand gun. Sure, the noise will alert others, but they can be fitted onto your person rather easily and are good for a jam.


4) A sword. (Katana?) It cuts... It's awesome.


5) Molotov. Pretty simple, but brutal. Burn baby burn.

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