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I am curious to know if there will be any plans in the future to add a Steam Workshop element. If not or you are considering it here are some reasons there should be a Workshop:

  • The Steam Workshop offers so many features that the community can help with
  • When a game has Workshop capabilities it helps keep the community alive with most games
  • Many people would love to see all the awesome idea's people in the community would come up with and create
  • Many people get  bored of games quickly after they beat a game and don't want to just max out there character (I know there are plans for a DLC) but in the mean time players can download some add-on's from the workshop to mess around with such as
  1. Weapons
  2. Abilities
  3. New sections and maps to explore​
  4. New characters
  5. New enemies
  6. New zombies 
  7. Or maybe just some fun things to add and mess around!

​There are endless possibilities and reasons people would love to have a workshop, why not add one? Of course the game is coming out on the 27th and this just might be a little to late; but if you could add this on after the release people would love it! Please consider it. Thank you.

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That would be cool

But it might ruin the game a bit if one of the mods doesn't work properly

I don't think so because honestly if it didn't work you could just uninstall it, I ghink it would be great for the people who are disappointed with the lack of guns (not me personally) or they could just unsubscribe.

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