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Stuck in a forever "weakened" state in Dying Light

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Im in the mission where we have to set Fireworks (Old Town, mission with michael to send a message). When meeting Michael, I had a scene where Crane had a seizure...Then after that, I was stuck in that state. I can't see clearly, everything's under this yellow/green tilt, and each hit from my weapon takes ALL my energy. How do I fix this? My save point is in the hotel now, so I just load in, get overrun, die, repeat. I can get out if I was at my normal self, but since each attack takes all my energy, I can't fight my way out

EDIT: Turns out I got stuck in the mode because I started the next event too soon. If you're in a weakened state from a seizure, just wait till it wears off, then talk to someone for the next mission. I talked to Michael while I was still weakened, which made me stuck in the weakened state...once I redid it, I just waited for the weakness to wear off and I was able to continue normally. VidMate AnyDesk

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