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LED Lighting Shower Head!!

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LED Shower Head is made of ABS and the lights twinkle because of hydraulic power generation. It is no need power and batteries, when the water flow to the micro generator, LED lights can twinkle randomly with 7 colors. Seming lighting is an qualified LED Shower Head, Rainbow Shower Head Manufacturer with 17 years of experiences. We could make according to your need. Both OEM and ODM services are available. When showering with this shower head, multi-colors changing randomly can help you to release stress, eliminate fatigue and brings you a good mood .There are chromatherapy benefits provided from a rainbow showerhead, different colors has different functions for people skin, such as red color can promoting blood circulation; purple has function of sterilization; blue can reduce inflammation; green can release stress; yellow can whitening skin. Taking a shower is undoubtedly a daily necessity. Unlike the majority of life’s requirements, showering is a true treat. A nice, long shower can be incredibly beneficial and can give you the ability to calm your nerve and unwind, after a long workday.

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