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Hello. Since I started playing my first custom map, every map looked like this.



Particles, wate, lights and shaders are all fine except for the rest of it. No colors on models, no texture.

It's hard to enjoy maps if it looks like a crappy beta version of it's own full version. Nothing really feels 'real'. I have asked a few friends of mine and in the developer tools Discord but none of them knew what could possibly solve this issue.

I tried reinstalling the game and checking the integrity of all files, though nothing has changed. It would really mean a lot to me if someone has a solution to this.

I also thank everyone in advance who tries to help.

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pics aren't visible, but if you're playing custom maps made by others, and not a custom map you are building yourself (and having these issues in the developer tools itself), then this is not the forum for troubleshooting.

you need base-game technical help. this forum if to ask for help with working with the tools, not why your game is broken when running custm maps (and that's what it sounds like.)

look for other areas in the forum.


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