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Moon Floor Lamp

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Moon floor lamp was inspired by the moon and its ethereal emanation of light. Seming Lighting is an experienced manufacturer with 17 years experiences. We could make the customized moon floor lamps. The reference to the element of the moon is emphasized by the plot of the material used, the Nebulite, material that has been developed specifically for the collections, emphasizes the atmospheric and evocative lighting of the lamp. The Nebulite material used to make the moon floor lamps consists of a mix of resin and fibers that form to create a semi-transparent globe that gorgeously diffuses the light. Even the shape evokes the celestial body, reproducing it in any vein. Just like having a small personal moon. The moon floor lamp will bring a touch of celestial wonder and beauty closer to home, also the beautiful moon floor lamps are available in varying sizes that can be mixed and matched offering a personalized and unique ambiance to any décor – bring the enchantment of the moon into your bedroom, dining room or lounge room - the perfect mood lighting.

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