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Update xbox one

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good day I want to know what is the update today are 2GB of the patch but not there in this forum or Facebook and twiter if someone else tube this could explain what it is, ase a month is released another like but I can not see what changes tube because nobody in the company explains it good day

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Hi Mosko War,

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the lack in our communication. The mentioned patch contained such changes:

- Fixed issue with AI-controlled harvesters gathering "unknown" crops which prevented them from being emptied
- DLC vehicles are no longer free when purchased in-game for the first time
- Corrected the articulation of the Versatile 4WD when stationary
- Fixed sound and graphical issues with with the PALESSE CS200
- Fixed clock incorrectly displaying AM instead of PM

We promise to improve ourselves and to keep you updated at all times.

Take care,

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