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HUD options are terrible

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I love Dying Light, but it is just mind boggling to me how stupid the HUD options in the game is. I love to play games with as little HUD as possible. But the game still needs to be functional. I was so glad when I saw that there is a no HUD option in Dying Light, but it is made in a way to make it almost impossible to use. It should be obvious to anyone that even if you play with the No HUD option you should see things like your weapon wheel or item wheel when you press a button to bring them up. Or even interaction prompts for things like speaking to someone or picking something up (and what you are picking up). And optionally even other things that just pop up, like telling you there is a new mission available or that you just went up a level. At least make another option for HUD where these prompts are seen but the rest of the time the screen is clean.

This complete lack of sense for game design honestly makes me worried. I will be sure to ask around before buying Dying Light 2 to see that this has been fixed before I buy that game or there are mods to make a good no hud experience. 

If any dev from Techland could promise there will be a proper functional No HUD option in Dying Light 2 I will pre-order it immediately. 

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