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Not to be disrespectful to the developers but the default keybinds are horrible. I understand you can customize keybinds in settings but this is not enough. I feel held back when I play this game due to lack of customization. I would highly suggest adding in keybinds for ALL actions in this game and allowance of overlapping keybinds.

  • Overlapping Example

W is both my Sprint and Forward keybind so this frees up room for my pink which can go onto a different bind rather than waste an extra finger to do a basic action.

I like to throw with my RMB but also like to aim with RMB, I could set both binds to that since they don't mess with one another but allow me to use both actions comfortably.


Having comfortable keybinds is essential to a successful PvP game. Simply put, if you cannot play comfortably and optimally, you cannot play at your best which can bother many players.

Now, if I were a developer I would go about this by doing one of these things to inputs_keyboard.scr;

  • Allow a way to change the game keybinds through the files without triggering the EAC, similar to changing your field of view through documents (E:\Documents\DLBadBlood\out\settings\video.scr)
  • Create a whole new menu for keybindings by;
    • Removing the existing overlapping binds that change different action if you change one keybind. 
      • Ex. In order to throw your weapon, you must hold [Attack] then press [Use Equipment]. Remove the throw from Use Equipment so you can just throw your weapon by pressing [Throw Weapon] keybind.
    • Adding in new .BIN file IDs for the settings menu and keybinds
    • Creating separate categories for each keybind that is used in Bad Blood for full customization



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