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Tl dr bold font. The rest is boring context venting I have no time to make more concise.

My first impulse to this thread was "they should explain why", but after giving it a second's worth of thought, I laughed at myself. In the spirit of avoiding negativity on this forum I will make some general comments. A certain kind of lack of sportsmanship is making the rounds that is quite amusing. It's an attitude that pretends to value playing the game fairly, immaculately clean vanilla style, while simultaneously holding that the use of certain exploits is now accepted by the wider community.

While that fact in itself may not be problematic, within the context of groups that actively hide advanced techniques, tactics, and game experience from each other to advance their number of wins or push the rep of their local group, the attitude of "we're just balancing things ourselves here" masks plain old cheating via informational advantage. The basic foundation of fair, clean games is that all participants have equivalent access to informational resources, particularly those that confer advantages. Now of course the world ain't perfect, and if I invade folks that are cheating and being brazenly toxic about that fact, it would be disingenuous of me to pretend that I have not used such advantages myself in the past. But I'll say one thing: I'm not particularly proud of that behavior. I should abort there every time. In most scenarios however, folks being non toxic with specific questions... I will share everything I know on the spot precisely because not doing so tarnishes my fictional sense of game accomplishment and my sense of sportsmanship. 

Why I find this amusing? Because many of the same players out there that will have others report-arrest-exposed for running around with glitched weapons or worse, are gladly and happily policing their own advantages, keeping them from others + guess what? Surprise reveal, my friends: they hide/explain away advantages while denouncing the cheaters. Like the wolves complaining that the lions are predators, willing to cheat for any advantage. Lions are just casual trash hackers with holier-than-thou attitudes, right? :D

And Techland shares some responsibility here, even if the phenomenon is common in gaming today. In failing to cultivate a more benevolent, cooperative atmosphere in the community (hey, we all want to enjoy ourselves... so why all the toxicity?) and not engaging/informing players more, such passivity stimulates:

-  keeping advantages to ourselves to the extent that forums and boards loose their value as resources

-  the kind of negative playing experience that results from folks not being able to explain to themselves why they lost or how to better their game,

-  group/player competition becoming more toxic, personal, and abusive in tone and nature, e.g. the amount of folks manipulating more impressionable and/or less experienced players by dangling cheats, skill advantages, membership etc. in front of them as reward for compliance or supposed "lessons".

Folks may hold against me what I already argue, that "the game mode is an OP mess anyway, you're still assuming that balance is attainable... what should be done is damage control on OP humans exploiting everything and cheating on professional levels". And even though this view pings "damage control versus professional level cheats", buffing the hunter will indeed bring more satisfaction to high level hunters facing such survivors in the short term but also reinforce the general logic of the trend over time. It will be less kind to intermediate level survivors who will face more OP beginner hunters, not to speak of intermediate hunters that will annihilate said intermediate level survivor given more buffs.

Given the state the mode is in now, buffs to abilities or a larger number of them, will increase one thing: the amount of possible glitches and unpredictable behavior of the game.

I therefore respectfully beg to differ with some if not all folks in this thread: not really more buffs for now please. I'm not sure anymore, that the state that the game mode has developed into can be balanced in the first place. And while an asymmetrical setup is not impossible to balance in theory, in practice we know that merely buffing/nerfing without precise orientation will merely multiply the chaos. Yes more impressive wins, but at the cost of more absurd losses and randomness.  And that is less attractive to me in games because I tend to not favor randomness, super sonic bombers on roofs, autobalance etc.

Peace + gg to all.


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