Death from Above

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When you rain death on somebody, you can get attacked by a third party during the animation and get killed the second you come out of animation. 


I'd like to propose a grace time during the whole animation (after you watch the other player stand up) where you cannot be rained by someone else and all other incoming damage is reduced by 66.66% (Just like in BTZ). 


Also, another idea would be implementation of combos with throwing combos. For example, a camera lock can extend after the Death from Above animation where it locks onto the player you rained. Don't make it absurdly long but you should make it long enough so that if you have fast enough reactions you can throw a one handed weapon and hit the player. Combos were a huge part of BTZ and would love to see new combos emerge for Bad Blood against survivors. 

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I noticed this too. Maybe some animation dmg reduction would be in place, though my simple solution was to read the situation and avoid dfa when there was multiple players fighting. In these cases I just did GP which usually stunned em both and gave even better advantage than dfa to single guy.

Currently its quite painless to flick throwing knife to player because of the knock animation followed by dfa. Imo light melee throw with even small aim assist would be too much.

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