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In preparation for the closed playtest this weekend, this thread serves to help out the Developers by letting us give direct feedback about bugs and/or exploits.


If you're participating in the private playtest and find some bugs, please either;

1. Capture Footage and Upload to Youtube as unlisted if it is hard to explain

2. Describe the scenario that the bug occured in 


3. If you know what causes the bug, then describe the issue and explain what causes it. 


Hope everyone has a good time with the playtest! (:


*This thread is here to help out developers, if a mod could pin this for the time being, it would be appreciated. 

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So far from the first day of play testing I have a few issues;

  1. Animations are really slow. This is a fast paced battle royale, there is no room for slow animations. Especially when multiple players are brawling it out.
  2. Animations with long grace times need a variable to lessen incoming damage. Similar to Be the Zombie when you're pouncing someone and humans are slicing (damage received decreased by 66.6%) The main animation this is troublesome for is Death from Above. No damage is nerfed while raining death and players can slice you during the animation for normal damage. There is no buff so you will typically die as soon as you kick the player. I would heavily suggest adding this animation damage nerf in.
  3. Keybinding is horrible. There is not a huge amount of actions you can do so why not just make every key customizable? Multiple actions have the same binding so it overlaps and creates issues with other actions, for example throwing a weapon cannot be done if you have any equipment. Each action needs its own setting in my opinion, especially in a PvP based setting.
  4. With the introduction of health potions and other healing functions, it creates a bug that lets you cancel certain animations such as dropkick.
  5. Firing the bow should not consume stamina, it is a ranged weapon, not a melee weapon after all.
  6. Another issue is the extended fights, I cannot count how many players I have fought bringing them down to less than 10 HP and having them cower away. Players run at the same speed and their is no way to catch up unless the running person makes a mistake. I would suggest adding a booster into the game for speed or increases speed as you tier up, rewarding the players who are playing well by giving them an extra bonus.
  7. Another issue is with dropkick. It has no animation like in Dying Light. If it had an issue it would prevent people from running and dragging out fights. Plus the damage by dropkick is so minimal, the least you could do is give it an animation.
  8. This issue is the second most frustrating one in my opinion, there is is no inventory menu. As an experienced BTZ player I am accustomed to specific weapons being certain keybinds. So I like having my inventory organized. It is very frustrating that I must fill my whole inventory of equipment I do not need just to reorganize my loadout by dropping and picking items up.
  9. The final issue I have is voice chat. Natively, the game picks up any audio input. This meaning other players can hear you. This gives you away in game and there is no way to disable it. It makes teaming much easier and people in discord calls must talk less to not give out their location to other players. A simple fix to this would be to add a push to talk feature. Allowing push to talk would make it so you can talk to others in game, for example, there is a big hive. One player can communicate with the other in order to get the hive and then they can fight afterwards or later on, they must eventually win by killing their partner.
  10. EDIT: Not sure why, but Aiming down sights feels much slower in this game compared to Dying Light. It feels much heaver, was the ADS code maybe changed in some way? (I am using the same exact sensitivity I use in Dying Light)

Now on top of those issues, there are many bugs that have carried over from Dying Light including;

  • Bow Animation Canceling 
  • Shield Animation Canceling (Updating post soon with a video)
  • AI Respawn issue (I do not have footage of this, but when another player comes near an airdrop, the AI respawns many times, sometimes twice or more.
    • Ontop of this issue, when the AI respawns, the drop does as well. Meaning when you open a drop, there will be another drop to open if the AI respawned. I've gotten a drop to respawn 5 times in a row in return for killing 15 AI.
  • Healing Glitch for Animation Canceling (Updating post soon with a video)
  • Crashing when lobby starts for no reason
  • No nests spawn at all sometimes

I would like to see the implementation of other game modes in the future such as;

  • Duos
  • Squads
  • Private Matches

It is fun to play with friends on this game but in order to play together we must queue for a lobby at the same time.


EDIT: Another issue is parrying. I am not sure if it is just a latency issue or what but sometimes when you parry somebody, it doesn't make them stunned but you do not take any damage. It is almost like they never swinged except you don't get to counter them.


If I were to make a list of the top 5 things that need to be fixed it would be these;

  1. Fix the Bow Cancel Glitch (Yes, shield canceling is an issue still but Bow cancel is much, much stronger)
  2. Death from Above animation given a grace time during the animation to reduce incoming damage
  3. Nerf Shotguns and Pistols slightly
  4. Full Keybinding Support
  5. Fix extended fights where people just continuously run with 1 HP and there is nothing you can do without a ranged weapon or a throwable (Boosters or Speed DeBuff when under x amount of Health)

Overall, the concept of the game is good. Hopefully, the developers will continually support this and listen to experienced players this time around. I hope to see this game only get better from here. If the developers need me to explain any of the exploits more, contact me via DM on this forum, I do not want to share these exploits with the community as I don't want to see it being abused by everyone.

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While I am not a fan of Battle Royal games, simply because I don't like the random elements and if you die then that's it, Dying Light Bad Blood is.....okay.
Its not amazing, but its okay. Compared to just killing each other there is also an objective that must be met. However there are alot of negatives I have with this game.

  • Guns are OP as they completely invalidate any player progression. Somebody who has no samples can grab a shotgun and completely destroy someone who is level 5 with armor.
  • The UI for switching weapons and equipment is confusing and there is no tutorial how to navigate it. Why change something that isn't broken from the original game?
  • Melee combat, while I did say it was enjoyable when fighting other players, blocking sometimes doesn't register properly and getting hit feels like the enemy player just moved back 5 feet.
  • Melee Weapon range is severely nerfed. Weapons that clearly have a longer range than others have the range of fists which is imbalanced as it creates an illusion that these weapons should be hitting farther, but aren't.
  • I did say guns are OP, but just aiming with a gun or bow is just clunky. I can play Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and any other First Person Shooter and my aim feels great. Dying Light however...its aiming system is based around Melee combat not long range weapons (i.e. guns). Please fix it as its an issue in Dying Light in general.
  • Dodging, while okay against other players, is nerfed when it comes to Goons and Demolishers. You are guaranteed to be taking unnecessary damage no matter what because of how short the dodging is.
  • Shield is rather OP as it blocks even explosives when its underneath their feet and much more. I literally spam explosives and shots while a player was holding his shield up in a corner, and I could not touch him.
  • Map is...rather small and there are not many weapons. Of course its an alpha, but I still want to mention this, and hope that it does get bigger.
  • Death-from-Above can chain onto other players even if one is initiating it on another which can make players helpless at times.
  • Molotovs and Grenades are easily avoid, and there is no cook sound for grenades as well.

Overall, while I'm not a fan of Battle Royal games I do hope this is improved upon.

Other Issues I want to address:

  • Why is blocking added right now? It would've made sense to add it to the original game instead of pressing Mouse 1 and hoping my hit connects to thugs with machetes.
  • Elemental effects work pretty damn well in this game, yet are not implemented,fixed, or worked upon in BTZ? Just....why? It limits variety.

Not Bad Blood related, but still something I want to point out.

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I think we need separate thread for ideas concidering gameplay.

Anyway heres some glitches I noticed:

1. Heavy melee can be canceled with weapon upgrade
2. Heavy melee can be canceled with pain reliever or health pack
3. Heavy melee can be canceled with bow (same bug as in DL)
4. Dropkick can be canceled with healing item or shield.
Record of those scenarios:

Other and smaller bugs:

- Big weapons like scythe and shotgun sometimes clip through crates sides
- Dropkicking enemy to right angled object like stairs or van will launch him high up in the air
- Soldiers guarding airdrop have zombie death audio when player rains from above

- Sometimes theres army of soldiers guarding the airdrop. Literally like 15 guys or more, as normal amount guarding the drop seemed to be 3 or 4

- 2 or more airdrops on excatly same location, glitched inside each other. Maybe something to do with the soldier glitch mentioned above

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Feedback on the game:

1. There needs to be a better way of determining which weapon in your inventory is better than another. Example, If you select a very powerful weapon, the others in your inventory should display yellow or red. If you then have a less powerful weapon, a better weapon in your inventory should be greens, blues, etc. When you are picking up weapons in a panic you don't always know which weapon is better than another one once you have the item in you inventory.

2. Blocking doesn't feel right. Lacks any type of feedback

3. Inventory management is clunky, especially the non-weapon items

4. Being attacked by melee from behind lacks any feedback. 

5. There needs to sounds made by the players. Jumping, walking, etc. Makes tracking feel more valuable and if you are trying to stalk a player or enemy you can do that. Also running makes more sound.

5. There needs a way to report cheaters and the resources behind the reports for follow through. Battle Royale games bring out the cheaters. I believe I have already seen at least one cheater.

6. For new players there needs to be a tutorial on the different types of melee attacks.

7. Needs a offline resource regarding weapon statistics. Damage, reach, speed, etc.

8. Upgrades to weapons lacks "metrics" on what the upgrade provides. Ex. Frost....what does that mean

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There also seems to be minor bugs such as this one in the menu sometimes. Not sure what caused this but it made the EXP Bar go way out of the bar.

EDIT: After level 22, on the main menu, it seems to show Your Exp Value/0 . It doesn't show you how much is needed.


There are also some grammatical errors in the statistics menu. It isn't a huge issue but "Losts" doesn't make sense. A quick bin edit should be a simple fix. Losses or Lost would make better sense.

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Feedback To Closed Beta Testing (Bugs and Glitches):

  • When in a game and supply crates drop, multiple bandits seem to surround the chest causing multiple layers of chests to spawn with multiple items in the chest too (Picture Below).
  • In the pre-game lobby, I somehow teleported outside of the map and into an unloaded surrounding (2 Pictures Below).
  • If you use a pain reliever (health potion) and climb something, the item gets used up without healing any bit of HP.




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