(Xbox One) Dying Light/The Following Enhanced edition dlc not available

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Problem: Purchased the Dying Light/The Following Enhanced edition recently. It downloaded and seemed to install without problems. However, most of the dlc seems to be unavailable for use in-game. For example, the blueprints for the volatile hunter weapons are absent, as is the ranger bow. When a friend on another console dropped a Volatile hunter sword for me to use, I added it to my inventory, but then when I tried to equip it, a pop-up informed me that I didn't have the proper dlc to use the item. I double checked the installs, re-installed them all, moved them to the same hdd (internal), checked that they were installed-- AGAIN-- and still have no access to these weapons/outfits/accessories. Is there something I'm missing?

This issue has happened to me (or friends/family) at least twice before. Actually going to the Microsoft store and, I'm not kidding, RE-purchasing all of the additional content individually-- not just downloading it again, but BUYING it all-- was the only "fix"  (essentially negating any savings from buying the game on sale).






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