Animal Husbandry

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Not sure if this has been suggested somewhere or even if the devs are continuing to develop this game but here is a suggestion nevertheless. 

Animal husbandry. For example: Add an additional cattle pen therefore giving us a milk barn and a meat barn. If both sexes of cattle are made available to us, we can move a bull into the milk pen for some amount of time for breeding. After the set time, the bull is returned to the meat barn or even sold for meat. The calves could then be sorted, heifers either kept for milk or moved along with the bull calves to meat barn to be raised to the age for sale.  

A similar situation could be done for sheep. Milk and meat as well as an additional product of wool from both the rams and the ewes. Maybe once every so often, we pay a fee to have the sheep sheared and sell the wool.  I am a real life sheep farmer, for their wool. I shear them once a year but obviously for game time purposes this would happen in a shorter amount of time. 

The list could be expanded even more if goats are implemented.  Goats for milk and meat and if we are able to choose between a meat/milk breed and a fiber breed -Angora/Cashmere - we could have the same shearing capabilities as with the sheep. Even rabbits could follow this line as far as a meat breed and Angora for the fiber. 

This would require additional space for the added pens but if keeping to the same size of the already existent pens, not much more space.  

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