What we know about Bad Blood ! ( CLOSED THREAD )

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Also i have a made a new thread about bad blood updates here's the link : Bad Blood Next Updates


Today ( 20/08/2018 ) i've updated this thread with the information we got from Techland .

(Encore) Today ( 21/08/2018) new update ....

Hi guys today (22/08/2018 ) new update to tell to you that Techland are distributing playtest codes and i have one of it i will can play and told to you more information about Bad Blood its also your last chance to get a part to Bad Blood

Today's update (23/08/2018)  is concerning some information in the code of Bad Blood i thanks Renfur ( ) for these information .

Hello to all , i've created this post for recapitulate what we know about Bad Blood inform you of the news about this gamemode and of course tell you the information .

Bad Blood as been annouced since 8 months ( the 7 december of 2017 ) .

Here the website where you can see the Bad Blood information :

Initially ( at his announcement ) Techland doesn't have show us gameplay of the gamemode .

But had the GDC Techland give to the players an Pre-Alpha build of the gamemode .

Some players recorded her experiences in Bad Blood, here a good video of Bad Blood gameplay Bad Blood Gameplay

The gamemode seems to be a 6 players gamemode ( all the players are level legend 1 ) and have all the skills of all the skills boards .

The players have to recolt samples of blood to reserve a seat a the helicopter who will pick you up .

There are differents melee weapons and differents throwables weapons ( grenades,molotov, mines.... (yes chupacabra MINES ! CLAYMORE PARTY xD ) ) .

Of course medkit, the players can kill each other to steal the other players objects .

Only one player can seat on the helicopter, for that, the player has to have enough blood samples and have killed the other players .

There are differents way to recolt blood samples, you can kill zombies or kill players .

The helicopter arrive after about 6 minutes after the start of the game .

Airdrops landing aleatory during the game they contain good stuff .

When the chopper arrives a stressing music is starting.

Its all the information we have since the GDC but after E3 ( or during I do not know too much ) new news as been communicated to us :

Firstly now Bad Blood will have 12 players instead of 6 initially 

Secondly they dont have cancelled Bad Blood ( because certain persons were thinking than they will cancel it because dying light 2 will out )

Thirdly they announced (on twitter) than they work hard on Bad Blood and than they will post information about it very soon 

The tweet : 


Hi guys ! Today ( 20/08/2018 ) Techland as lauched the steam page of Dying Light : Bad Blood 

We know that the gamemode will be in early access and will be at 19.99 $ ( he will be free when he will leave the early access )

If you buy the game at early access you will get the Founder's pass wich contain 3 exclusive legendary weapon skins: Golden Neckslicer (dagger), Golden Bonecleaver (machete) and Golden Skullopener (cricket bat) , 3 exclusive legendary skins distributed over 3 months and 1000 Blood bucks ( the money in the game ) and an exclusive founder gold mask .

Be careful the founder's pass will not be available at the free out of Bad Blood

The Global Playtest for Bad Blood will run through the 25th to the 26th of August for a select few players. Another playtest will run through the 1st to the 2nd of September for everyone who has signed up for the playtest.

Hi everyone today ( 21/08/2018 ) a Techland member told to us that the game won't be a "pay to win" and that you can only buy cosmetics with the blood bucks .

You can't pay real money for Blood Bucks you just can earn them by playing .

So its all Renfur's information(maybe ) we got :

•Currently only 1 collectable, it is a mask similar to Acolyte and supposed to be white. This is not the mask in the founders edition.

•All Elementals will be returning from the main game including; 1. Fire 2. Toxic 3. Electricity 4. Explosive 5. Freezing 6. Impact

•A bow is in the game and allows for the elemental arrows; Fire, Electricity, Explosive. •Shield is returning from Dying Light -You can parry attacks

•There are 4 types of extra shield on top of your health value -Tiny - Adds 15 Shield -Small - Adds 30 Shield -Medium - Adds 45 Shield -Large - Adds 60 Shield

•In order to get weapon elementals, you must find the elemental upgrade items. They all increase the strength of the elemental to Tier 1. -Ice Upgrade -Bleed Upgrade -Poison Upgrade -Electricity Upgrade -Impact Upgrade

•Snacks are returning to the game; -Baklava -Burger -Cookies -Sweets -Pita -Dried Fruit -Nuts -Halva -Energy Bar

•The crossbow is returning with all of its elemental bolts; -Steel Bolt -Toxic Bolt -Impact Bolt -Stun Bolt •There are throwable bundles where you get 3 throwing axes for example

•Many Grenades are returning and some new ones including; -Molotovs -Mines -Upgraded Mines -Flashbangs -Smoke Grenades -Explosive Grenades •You will be allowed to use environmental traps(modifié)

•The Buggy could make a return in the future, the code for the buggy is still in Bad Blood. (Potentially new areas in the future?)

•Night Hunter code is all over the game files as well, potentially adding a game mode for Night Hunter in the future.

•There are not all kinds of different weapons like in the vanilla game, instead there is one weapon of each type such as Scythe, Wrench, Pipe, etc. and then many skins that can be added on to the weapon.

So its all for Bad Blood i will update this thread if i have other information :)

Here the steam store page of Bad Blood Dying Light: Bad Blood

Source :


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