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The Prophet

Dying Light 2 - Zombie must be terrifying!

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Zombies must be really scary and terrifying in the next game! To make them really dangerous - zombies must be FAST! They must be strong! With good animation: bloody and disgasting faces, chasing us - they will really terrify gamers. Only fast and strong zombies can create immersive atmosphere of horror. Atmosphere of desperation. When the living envy the dead. Slow and weak zombies, like it was in the first part  will be bad for the game! Even by nature law - they can't be slow and weak. Just think yourself, zombies are predators and we are their prey - to catch us and to kill us they must be fast! They must be stronger. Otherwise they will extinct as a species. Predators can't be slower and weaker than their prey. Nature law. Virus itself, its evolution, mutation, will make zombies faster than people, stronger than people! 

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