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Dying Light 2 Suggestions

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Since I didn't find a thread regarding suggestions from the community for DL2 I wanted to create one.

Just add your suggestions below - here are mine:

More type of weapons, melee but also ranged.

- All kind of pistols, revolver, desert eagle and more (

-Same for rifles, shotgun, sniper rifles, bows, crossbows, throwing spears, etc.

- Possible place to build your own base with survivors, kinda like State of Decay just not so survival focused and more on armory and defense lines. Every few days or on special events zombie hordes would try to raid your base. You could craft and defend your base with stationary mini guns, flamethrowers, tar traps, spike traps, recruit survivors and give them guns, placable objects like rotating spike traps and stuff like that

- More interesting skills, new parkour skills and interaction skills. Intimidate or convince other people with certain social skills

- Glider to fly across the map

- Vehicles like scooter, small/big cars, motorcycles and stuff like that

- Better story line. Let's be real noone really focused to meach on character development and depth. It was all pretty superficial.

So far that's what came into my mind. What abour your ideas? 

Let the devs hear our voices. 


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