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Version 1.30 Patch Notes

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We're pleased to announce that update 1.30 is now available for all. This big new update introduces a brand new worker AI system, additional steering wheel controller support, the option to play as a female farmer, expanded modding tools and more. Full patch notes:

On all platforms:

NEW CONTENT: Zetor Major CL 80 Tractor
NEW CONTENT: New DAF CF 450 and DAF XF 530 Trucks
NEW CONTENT: Versatile 4WD Tractor
NEW CONTENT: Michelin tires pack for selected vehicles
Introduced a new worker AI system
Added a female farmer model
Rebalanced the time of death for animals
Enabled speeding up and slowing down time at any moment during the Free Farming mode
Improved the tablet interface for the vehicles shop
Improved the Hand Wash model for the maximum field of view setting
Fixed a bug which caused the controller to vibrate constantly
Fixed a bug which caused lowering of the engine sound while accelerating and getting in/out of the vehicle repeatedly
Implemented fixes in map designs
Implemented a number of graphical fixes
Fixed a bug causing problem with saving the "Invert Look" setting
Improved game performance when moving through fields
Fixed a bug which made unloading Sipma Prima impossible when it was not fully loaded
Fixed a bug which made drones fly out of the area of operation and deactivated the controls
Fixed a bug which caused an object's axis to place incorrectly after spawning
Fixed a bug which caused the camera to move through the bucket and fork of the JCB 435S
Fixed a bug which caused a problem with unloading the Gregoire G9 combine
Fixed a bug which caused a problem with unloading potatoes into the Kombo 1600 trailer
Fixed a bug which caused vehicles standing on certain surfaces to move sideways by themselves
Added information about cultivating olives and grapes to the Encyclopedia
Some entries in the Encyclopedia have been corrected
Fixed a bug which allowed vehicles to be moved inside buildings
Fixed a bug which caused light to reflect incorrectly on the vehicle models
Fixed a bug which caused vehicles to get dirty too fast
Streamlined the system for detecting sunken vehicles
Fixed a bug that made buying all of the fields and warehouses impossible after finishing a campaign
Streamlined vehicle movement in the traffic system
Fixed a bug which made side mission vehicles available to the player only if the game was loaded during said missions

PC only

Added support for the Xbox 360 controller
Added support for the Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Controller
Added support for the Logitech G27, Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition, TS-XW (Sparco), T150 and T80 steering wheels
Added character modding
Added field sprayer modding
Improved animation importing
Fixed a bug which caused radio playback to slow down
Fixed a bug which enabled the player to open multiple instances of the game
Improved controller vibrations

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Looks pretty nice! Can’t wait to test it out a bit later today. Thanks so much devs for continuing to update the game for us. :) I have a question about the animal rebalancing though. Will it make them live longer? I really hope it does. Also is this change affecting all animal types or just some? Thanks and keep up the good work! :D 

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Kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to a game with fixes to the graphics. But instead it's still very jerky no matter if I'm trying to go fast in a truck, tractor, traveling down roads, in a field, or just slowing down to back into my shed it lags somewhat. And it's not my rig because it's got more then enough to handle the game specs are as follows. AMD FX 6300 6 core 3.5/4.0ghz, XFX Radeon RX550 4ghz ddr5 OC Graphics Card, 32gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram. It can run any game I throw at it on Ultra... But this game here is laggy even if I lower all settings from Ultra to Medium makes no difference so I just play it on Ultra. Even if medium settings cleared up my problems I wouldn't like it because with this rig why waste it playing a game I have to run on medium settings that is more then capable of running it on Ultra. I was looking forward to some of the new machines you were giving us but I spent over a half an hour and couldn't find any of them I really was looking forward to the 4wd tractor but it's no where to be found? I must be missing something. Either the descriptions aren't clear or the pictures misrepresent the equipment if they are even there. The only thing I did see was a bit of improvement on the graphics and the White Lettered Tires on some of my equipment. But even with all the polish it still needs a lot of work. It's sad to see a game that hasn't been out 6 months having to give 60% off just to boost sales. That's to me a sign the game is dying, I also think that the makers were relying on the player base to mod problems away but the player base was never that big ti begin with, and is shrinking even now. As for the AI it may be fixed but I can't say because I never played with the AI to begin with because I like doing stuff myself. That being said it may have been a nice try but it fell far short of the attempt to even make a decent playable game.

Edited by SnowFarmer

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Look dude why are you so angry. You did not give your feedback. You are just upset about the graphics. I found new machines no problem in the shop! How long you were playing the game for after uptade? 5 min?

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18 hours ago, Yourex4 said:

Look dude why are you so angry. You did not give your feedback. You are just upset about the graphics. I found new machines no problem in the shop! How long you were playing the game for after uptade? 5 min?

Try about 5 hrs!!!

For finding different machines in the shop?

I printed out the list so I could look for them and could find none of them "By name", What am I to do buy each one to find the one I like or want?

As for the graphics all in all they aren't that bad, I wasn't griping about the quality but "LAG" here and there is no biggie, But almost constant is unacceptable.

They either never optimized the game for AMD as they had Nvidia since AMD isn't listed in the specs or They forgot about AMD.

And one other thing for your information I've played this game on an old office pc with a GT710 1gb card on Low far below the specs and it played the same, So it is the game not my rig.

Game performance is the issue period, I can figure out the rest.

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Ok i see. I play on PlayStation pro so i have no comparison to pc. I cannot help with the lag but to help with new machines you could check this steps:

- is your game on steam, origin or any other portal? If so it should update automatically

- if its not on steam or any other did you download the update (srr if this is a stupid question). If not download the update and install.

- try to reinstall the game.

- try to start a new save game and see if you got all the new machines.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Guys,

The newest Hotfix, codename brought 3 main changes listed down below, so check them out now:

Fixed an issue that prevented liquid fertilizer from covering 100% of a field.
Fixed selling price of owned DLC vehicles.
Various mod importer fixes to make importing animations easier

Also, don't forget about the Halloween event! See how much you can take - lock your cows in the barn, lock your pigs in the pen and don’t chicken out! 

We have hidden collectables in the old, glowing pirate chests all over the 4 main maps (5 chests with 10 000 USD inside each, per map) - find them all and get 100 000 USD!!! This is Madness! The ghost hours will last from 9.00 PM until 5.00 AM in-game time. They come back every in-game night unless you collect them - after 9th of November 2018, they will disappear forever...

Do you want some more? Fine!
Scare your neighbour to death by wearing one of the 6 new, Halloween T-shirts - you will get them for free!

Have Fun!

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Lol u do now that Halloween was 6 Days ago...and thanks for the patch notes but don't u think is a bit too late. The patch came out like a month ago or even more.  No worries mate only two weeks left till FS19. Then we can all forget about PF18. :lol:

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