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Request second alternate chance for recent missing outfits and events includes?

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Techland the reason I writing this too you again because I been waiting for the last 1 to 2 years ago and also that I recent missed the during the launch and also the tyger mask that the challenge was limited time that I failed so, I request you guy release these outfit update whether you want or not it's your choice but I am not going to said twice but once. Here the missing outfit I missing and whether it's pc or console put them on the update list:master scavenger, troublemaker, Alienware, CD Action, gamestop, nividia, razor, techland, meant to be wore,exclusive outfit includes are: 7 outfit from the video and even the tyger mask outfit was recent in the speed contest I participated the challenge but I failed so, I request you do this year before moving on too the next new game and you also did once before which was the valentine reward have I mention it think about it serious.

Ps: I suggest you put new update on new outfits, fixes malfunctions during pvp or I give you prove to refresh your memories and new changes so think about it if you don't accept this confirmation then no one or anyone will buy your new future game if you don't acceptance, understanding, and take fulling responsibility, so I totally understand but understand as my experience I played a lot to, join, support, participated and I give everything I got in recent battles in the game or event so think about it seriously and just read it and decide it for fairly people was wanna so bad and if you don't then your profit will go down depended on the population people are playing in this year or buying so determine on your eligibility system.

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