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Fix this PVP base on flares disable for 3 second, remove safe zone from water or house and no more balancing on pvp

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Hey guys how you doing listen I am writing this too you guys because I recent fight this hunter around a minutes ago and few month I recently got a changes of balancing between pvp and whether I throw a flares at the hunter or defending myself my flares keep disappear like for 3 seconds and even I dead I respawn there and flares can't save me from the hunter players and it's not fair really hunter I know but the players who is controller the hunter will determine whether he/she is good or not and techland for godsake fix your ridiculous matchmaking I was trying to claim a gold tier guns and golden but I keep losing because your nonsense balancing system doesn't work like that.

Ps: I demand you fix this whether you need time or now then no one will purchase your newest game or play this recent game in the future if you don't stop annoy me then realize what you have done shouldn't effect of the community and even the matchmaking costs think about it!


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