Original Dying Light; BolterTissue will be lost if I go to Old World?...

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Hi all,

Recently completed Dying Light Enhanced Version with over 2 million points - have mainly been bolter tissue farming when it was being bought by the vendors at $2401.00 a pop instead of the measly $240.00 that is paid before we enter Old World.


Since there was nothing else left to do or win in the enhanced version I decided to pop the "original" Dying Light in and complete it also - I have now collected over 300 samples of Bolter tissue and no vendor will offer buying it, so I'm restricted to selling it at $240.00 a pop.  That sucks.  I understand if I complete the Slums and go to Old World... THEN I can travel BACK to the Slums and sell Bolter tissue for the 2401.00 that I like. 

So - question is... I have completed all story quests and sidequests in the slums and I'm ready to go to the train-depot, find Rahim dying and blow up the nest, then I face The Pit and then the fight with Rais to then travel through the sewers to get to Old World - will I lose my Bolter Tissues when going to Old World (currently in my inventory), or will they carry over in my stash where I can then fast travel BACK to the Slums and sell for the higher price?  Or do I need I need to suck it up Buttercup and plan to sell it at $240.00 a pop or just lose it?....Anybody done this?...

Glad I retired so I can play this all day long,



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