Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

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3 hours ago, dasorrow said:

actaully bruh iv been here sence day one iv been ranked best night hunter for a year straight iv taken out all the best humans on stream iv also never lost a human game in the time this game has been releases say what ur want breh ur opinions are cute and all but iv expiranced this game and all it has to offer let alone its multiplayer so dont talk. if all you have to do is come on and cry about me bringing up some very real issue and points then just make your own forum topic to write in cuz iv got  over 400 post top forums rank top hunter rank and top human rank so before u got spouting off u r fat face learn a little about who your talking to hahahahahaha. and if i really wanted to sit here and spend 20 30 ms typing up this huge constructive speech for tons abrain dead kids like your id be here forever not getting anything done. i can write u a damn guide on what you should do for every situation but thats not how things work again when u face an expiranced and good human they will i repeat! they will counter what u do they have been around they know how NHs work they know the tackles n chupacabra what to look for its not hard bro ITS NOT HARD TO WIN AS  HUMAN EVEN IN 3v1 and 4v1s!! night hunter can spit all day doesnt mean chupacabra if the others work together in the slightest to chupacabra block him tell me more bro tell me more keep telling me ur imaginary senerios where u win hahaha ur a joke stop posting.

No I will continue posting against biased people like yourself. You continue to write with no structure and complain. If you were a "Best Ranked Hunter" as you proclaim why haven't I fought you before? I would have easily recognized you and so would many others. Are they're any recordings of you fighting against top tier Survivors, or even Hunters? Show me some actual proof of your "Status". Any one can here and write as many posts as they want, or they can write a small number of posts. The difference though between writing is whether if a person is biased, stubborn, arrogant, and so close-minded; or a person that analyzes the game thoroughly, looks at all the techniques used whether if it legit or glitched, and make good assumptions so that both sides are balanced.

An example of that would be when Hunter could not 180 and if he tried he would immediately stop. This caused outrage for both Survivor and Hunter players because it removed an important key feature for Hunter and that was movement. Another example was Instant Tackle. While some Hunters like this glitch cause it prevented Survivors dealing massive damage or killing you they agreed that it was overpowered and unfair because there were situations where Survivors could not do anything to beat this, and this tactic can literally go on forever.

I would also make a guide. It would take time, and effort just to write it all down, get footage, get advice, or whatever else is needed. You want to know why because I do like it when new players get destroyed and feel helpless. I do not like when even players who aren't new, but still struggle feel helpless. Its called giving a damn for the community, and the game. All you have done as now is just whine, complain, and harass others for an opinion. We have not ignored your posts as they are pretty obvious to see. Your posts however, are biased and laughable because we didn't spend out time whining, and complaining. We spent our time figuring out new ways to counter certain styles of play. We spent our time forming a community to help others. All you have done is just give up, and whine. I also did spend the time to make a guide and I am making another so that I can help others rather than resort to crying.


As for your videos on cheaters. GOOD. Actual good thing you've done so far so that it tells us not to fight them and avoid them. Now do yourself a favor for your own sanity, and just leave. Leave every single cheater you fight. You literally win by leaving because they want to use their cheats. You deny that you win.

As for everything else where is your proof? Where is your status of being a "Top Ranked Hunter" or "Survivor"? Where is it? Please prove me wrong with actual proof. I gave you my profile. Drakorus actually has a community with high-skilled Hunters and Survivors. Vallon is someone I fought against and lost to, and has videos. Renfur is a skilled Hunter with a youtube channel himself, and is making a guide. So where is your proof? Please literally have a match with me in any map you choose. I enjoy being proven wrong because it opens up new things. However, if the best you can do is just whine behind a computer screen without proof; all your posts are considered an actual joke. I will continue to post against your chupacabra as I will not have any game has mechanics or updates that spoon-feed every player who refuse to take the time to actual build up skill, talk with others for advice, and discover new things. The only thing you desire is to win without effort. Click a button and win type deal.

How about you actually ask for help, or look up a god-damn guide. Its not hard and you lose nothing. At the most please humor us and try it.


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6 minutes ago, Bub said:


If you truly are "ranked best night hunter" why on earth you are crying like rookie things like "dodge spam" etc. For us you look nothing else than newcomer who thinks of himself too much and invades opponents way over his skill level.

I saw your stream on twitch btw. No offence but you seriously need to train more to call yourself even mediocre hunter. I'd guess you got about 10-20 hours as NH?

HC players on this thread have proven all your arguments wrong. Now go read Hanks NH-guide and come back to share your opinions when you got bit more experience of this gamemode: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978

And please stop spamming the forums with zero content posts.



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On 6/14/2018 at 8:42 PM, dasorrow said:

both yall are quite cute with ur big structured opinions with no backing and meme spams just proves this community infested with buncha kids that dont know what they are talking about.  def of hank in his own words of himself " The difference though between writing is whether if a person is biased, stubborn, arrogant, and so close-minded" gg


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Wow...just wow. I have alot to say regarding your twitch videos, and to finally have proof of your "Best Hunter" status.

The obvious things first. The cheaters...nothing can be said about that. They cheat so its already an unfair fight, but you still managed to win and it's mainly because they don't know how to play good. Not only cause they cheat.

Now onto the next thing that I want to talk about more importantly is your play-style. Its predictable; very predictable. You constantly go head-first without any thought and just hope that it works. Your spits are just thrown out instead of having a plan you lack any good aim. You go for tackles constantly by just running/jumping/tendrilling in their face. You constantly tendril back and forth which makes it easy to track you with UV light  You don't even retreat to recover health.You also jump alot which is easily punished by Survivors slashing you.

As Bub has said it "Why would a "best Hunter" complain about dodge spam?" In fact lets talk about dodge spam. So what else is Survivor suppose to do in order to avoid your attacks? The only two thing he can do is run and grapple both of which are exploited if you remove dodging all together. If we even remove dodging at all tackle would be utterly overpowered. Your idea of having a stamina for dodging was something that was brought up way before, and was neglected and ignored, but let's say if it was implemented. It would be exploited because all you had to do was wait it out and hear how short of breath he was, and then for tackles. You can beat dodging by using tendril sprint, running and using ground pounds or claws; and before you say Tendril Sprint is a glitch it is a thing that the developers added so that Night Hunter can run very quickly on the ground in order to circle Survivors. What to know how?.....ask.

The grapple nerf: Grapple how it is, is already fine. If it were nerfed even more than Survivors have no way to avoid The Horde or other attacks. Grapple takes 2-3 charges, and if a Survivor use it smartly, not spam it, he can save more charges.

Your UV Light nerf suggestion is going to make so that Survivors have no way to drain the Hunter's energy. Also did you know you can crouch to recover energy faster when you retreat. No?.....maybe you should spend more time looking around for advice instead of angrily say and post "Survivors OP" and give up. All of your comments are just sad and pathetic as all you want to make a game where, judging from your play-style, as barebones as possible and with no thought process to it where you only win.

The reason why we use dodge so much is because we don't exactly know what a Night Hunter will do. We need to avoid hits as much as possible and as the people who actually took the time to practice and discover new things Hunter's telegraphed attacks are not as telegraphed and happen much more instantly. The only thing that makes it possible to dodge is how a Hunter's player moves as movement is everything especially since Tendril Sprint is the meta. We are not just simply going to stand there is simply let you hit us for free and easy wins which is what you want. You also seem to quit matches alot when it comes to non-cheaters. It only counts when you win right? The people you fight as well from your twitch clips are all easy, and new. You seem to just hunt down the players that barely have any game sense and call yourself "the best Hunter." No amount of post awards is going to make you a better player. But hey I'm always here playing Dying Light ready to be proven wrong by such "legendary" skill.

Let's see the stuff you questioned in this twitch clip:

11:40  -   You tendrilled in his direction while he swung his axe.

12:30 -    He looked up, turned around, and sliced you. People can slice up to you know.

15:35 - 19:20 - Wow just wow. This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding your predictable play-style.

Overall your skill is laughable. The people you fight range from cheaters which apparently you didn't get the message to alt-f4 like how you do to legit players; to people who know what they are doing, and you refusing to learn and resort to the same tactics every time; or players who are new or don't have any game sense and you go for easy kills cause it increases your ego. That is the type of player you are and its absolutely pathetic. Grow up and stop being ignorant and biased. The game has been out for a very long time now and all you do is just stay in your shell. At least I manage to bring out proof from various sources while you constantly write like child. The game is now being discontinued because of Dying Light 2 and the remaining players here are helping each other out instead of moaning and whining.

In fact why don't we look at what an actual great Night Hunter is. One who has handled dodge spam, and one who uses Tendril Sprint effectively. Something added by the developers.




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