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Hello to all. 

   First of all  thank you for this  game 

    I play the game for a 1 month and is really boring nothing else to do. :(  We are missing a lorry trailer for animals (very annoying selling only 4 animals at the time, we can have 45 cows  it will take u  hours of  doing same thing to sell them )

    The mirrors are super but the driver position is wrong (we all know u need to see  booth mirrors, u do not  need to turn your head to see the left or right mirror ) really annoying 

   We need a bigger potato planter 

  We need new crops  new roots  (game is really limited) corn  ......... etc.. (Montana map with no corn :D)

 Cows and pigs etc.. they  do not need water :))  rabbit and chickens they do not need food  

 make grass available (to feed our live stock)  We have machines for  weeds no  seeds  to grow !!! 

What to do with bails ? why do I want to rape them or make them  ?  (animal food is convenient next to barns) 

 Large machine to irrigate  large fields 

Illuminate the interior of machine at night time  

more zoom out for bigger machine  so we can see what we do 

Manual washing is a hell special if u have a weight in front

Orchid: When they are done u shod employ people to get the fruits or at list u shod pass with a  trailer true the orchid  

Trucks / Lorry  turn speed is bug  2km/h  that is a bad joke 

Allow us to drop crops/ roots  at the edge of fields (this way u can add a loader so we can spend that $ we make, I manage to have millions nothing to do with $) 

And the list go's  and on

 Really sorry for my broken English 


 Again thank your for this lovely game  and I know  u all work hard on it and I'm egger to see what  is next  (pleas do not relay on custom mods cause they will come slow and full o bugs) 

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32 minutes ago, Yourex4 said:

Its nearly a point and click game im affraid at this stage. Animals are dull and not fun at all. They can even add elephants to livestock and it would be boring after a few hours. 

Yeah , that is true. Sorry to say,  game is dead anyhow. No news, no updates,  or any communication whatsoever.  Nice posting with all my fellow  gaming farmers. See you all in FS19. Keep on plowing.

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Give it time guys  they will fix it they will make it  grate :)  we need to support projects like this to become great. And then is not what we want is what the developers plan to do. I know all this takes time I'm not a developer but I code in php  and I know is not easy and fast to make it work. So we can offer our opinion and support them. Good things do not come over night  it takes years of hard work. The work they did is amazing 

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Look man i have paid money for a good game not for broken game! I dont have 2 months to wait for a final fix patch. I agree it takes time but this is beyond ridiculous. This game is weak anyway. Fs 17 is far superior. Tons of mods, maps, multiplayer, better graphics and great comunity. Devs are very quiet here. You ask questions and you dont get answers. Sorry in my opinion there is no hope. Ive waited very long. (play fs17 insted)

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For those of us on the other side of the pond could you post a note on the site saying that Pacific Time is X hours behind GMT ? Its only a minor thing but it would help us figure out what time it is in Walla Walla .

Des :idea:

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