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My hat is off to Moltoy and whomever he mentions in his video.  Changing your video setting to vsync=off and setting the frame rate to 30 definitely helps the worker consistency a LOT!!..I am getting averages of 99% and at times 100%  on worker completion.  This is a big improvement.  Now I only have to clean up random small patches the workers miss.  Before they were missing entire sections, and kept stuttering on the turn around.  This was also increasing the worker cost substantially.  Now the automation is almost playable.  I have only tested static implements (ones attached directly to the tractor, not the towed ones) and looking forward to the bigger options.  The real test will be the potato harvester.  This is by fare the worst implement to use AI on.  You spend a lot of time cleaning up what the worker misses.  And the worker abandons the tractor once the harvester is full, which is extremely time consuming to remedy. 

Since we're on the topic, I think the developers would be better off if the would use on field turning with the AI instead of the turning it does now.  I think there would be greater stability and less collisions, and far better accuracy.

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